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The Astral Period is when a great deal of Outsiders came to the Old World. Already there were beings like primitive troglodytes, basic animals, and such, and they soon came in contact with beings like the shardmind, the gith, as well as extraplanar influences from the Feywilds and more. Gates opened and new creation began. It is believed that this period was when Ose first came as a mortal to this world.

Notable Events[edit]

  • 5,554BG — Espera steals one of Shabast's eyes and becomes a greater deity
  • 6,495BG — One of the first of Valia's recognized heroes, Rubicon, slays a the tarrasque known as the Mountain Maker in the southern portion of the young continents, which make up Old World Okut. The Mountain Maker, by then, had finished raising the two main ranges, the Etisimar Mountains and the Shandralar Range.

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