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In a world where guns are abound, swords and bows are the norm, and magic is sparse, one needn't look far for a means to protect oneself. Whether it be for a temporary piece when you're caught off-guard to steam-powered suit of armor, you'll have many options for protections. You can use any armors in the SRD, or you can choose any armors from this list.

Armor Cost
Light Armor
Battle Robe 100 gp
Gambeson 120 gp
Light Wood Armor 40 gp
Medium Armor
Improvised Armor --
Brigandine 250 gp
Shroomcap Armor 70 gp
Heavy Armor
Fortress Armor 1400 gp
Steam Armor 1700 gp
Wyvern Bone Armor 800 gp
Kite Shield 40 gp
Little Arm Shield 35 gp
Tower Shield 45 gp

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