Apocalypse from the Sky (5e Spell)

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Apocalypse From The Sky
9th-level evocation
Casting time: Special (see text)
Range: Special (see text)
Components: V, S
Duration: Instantaneous

One of the evilest and most destructive spells a creature could cast.

Calling on the darkest forces in all existence, this spell rains death and ruin from the sky. It is known to level forests and wipe out cities. Not even the caster is safe.

All creatures and objects in the area are dealt 20d12 necrotic damage, which ignores all resistances and immunities. The caster is also subject to the damage.

This spell requires at least one minute's casting to have any effect at all. If used after one minute of casting (or the caster is interrupted), it has an area of 1 mile. Each additional minute above this (up to 10 minutes total) increases this by another mile. Thus, after 1 minute, the radius would be 1 mile, after 2 minutes, 2 miles, etc.

While this spell is being cast, a large, dark beacon forms directly above the caster, marking the sky with black clouds which crackle with purple lightning. This is visible to a distance of 20 miles from the caster.

--this was edited because it seemed very underpowered in my opinion for what it is said to do. If, by level 20, this was cast, almost no PC would be killed by this, as the max damage it would have been able to do was 120. The damage I put in will do more, but not instakill. if the PC was damaged beforehand it would almost certainly kill them, hence the more disastrous threat.

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