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Staff, Legendary (Requires attunement by a chaotic character)

As I snuck closer to the necromancer, waiting for an opportunity to end the plague that was his life, I was struck by the sight of his staff. It was made of silver, nearly as tall as he was, and atop it was a flaming skull, burned black. The flames around it were not the orange of a natural fire, nor the green of a normal flameskull, but a deep, dark blood red. What I remember the most about it though, is that when I got close that skull swiveled around on the staff and started cackling like a madman.

Alexander has 3 first and second level spell slots, 2 third and fourth level spell slots, and 1 fifth, sixth, and seventh level spell slots. He knows the following spells, which he always has prepared and can cast without somatic or material components: witch bolt, ray of sickness, chromatic orb(fire only), continual flame, crown of madness, flaming sphere, animate dead, fireball, conjure minor elementals (smoke and magma mephitis only), wall of fire, conjure elemental (fire only), create undead, and delayed blast fireball. When casting a spell with alexander, use his Intelligence as your spellcasting ability.
Sentience. Alexander is chaotic evil; Intelligence 18 (+4), Wisdom 6 (-2), Charisma 8 (-1). He has darkvision up to 60 feet. He speaks Common, Abyssal, and Infernal.
Personality. Alexander has spent years atop this staff, and it has driven him insane. He has lost all memory of who he was, if he was good or evil, or if he even was of any note at all. His skull is decidedly human, beyond that he has given up any hope of self-knowledge. Now, he only desires to see things with the "luxury of mortal life", as he puts it, burnt before him. He is prone to bouts of crazed laughter in the midst of battle. If a player attuned to Alexander goes a full week without killing a living thing, he or she will get into an argument with Alexander the next morning.

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