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Power Center
Conventional, Emperor Micheal Renzel, Tier 1
Lawful Good
Adult Population
Gold Limit
650,000 gp
Language & Diversity
Ramosi, Homogenous (75% Ramosi, 10% Transient Imperials, 5% Arcadians, 5% Dwarves, 5% Other)
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High Seats
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Ak'kritaar is the oldest and largest human settlement in Ramosia. It was built by the Arcadians and was an independent but subjugate principality of the 1st Imperium. During the 2nd Imperium it was a regional capital, and after that Imperium dissolved House Atrione ruled. The city stayed strong for a time but was in rapid decline, free fall almost, before General Adam Renzel took power and led Ak'kritaar into the Unification Wars. The Renzel's have only held the Seat for two generations, but they have returned the city to a portion of its old glory. Tall buildings of stone from the Age of Legends form a skyline pinnacled by ancient airship docks and the palace complex built for the 2nd Imperium. The rest of the city has been built and rebuilt over the centuries and in 82 FA stout clean grey stone buildings stretch to the city's outer wall. The outer wall is an imposingly solid structure. Not particularly tall, its tiered double barrier has four gates. Historically, the Bridge Gate has been the busiest gate and the city's largest market for common goods. Many travellers will enter through the northern Green Gate too, a beautiful construction of marble and alabaster. Wide and well drained avenues take a traveler into a city that is equal parts clean, progressive capital and teeming refugee camp.

In the years since the Dragon's War the city swelled immensely, but then cleaned up considerably. Pockets of slums have became near permanent though - especially near the ruins of the city's old inner wall. Most buildings in the city are made of stone and concrete with flat roofs and verandas or sloped roofs in the local red or brown slate. Another dominant feature of Ak'kritaar is the city's King's College, a small but powerful university that can trace its roots back to the glory days of the Second Imperium. The campus halls and library are a press of quiet activity all day. The Ramosian Military Academy now has a generation of storied heroes and the beginnings of deep patronage. Young officers in their red buttoned jackets and black leggings march around purposefully and men and horses drill in the ancient Imperial Arcade, now part of the campus.

The people of Ak'kritaar have long made their money off of trade; from shop streets to colonnaded market squares, and open air squares to private sales, pretty much anything can be bought in the capital of the world's newest Empire. As for the people: they are very open and inviting in public, but privately they tend to be proud of their status as winners and look down their noses at people from abroad. This attitude of superiority has done little to temper their drive as well. The descendants of the only people to defeat King John are industrious, adding to their sense of superiority, and the rate at which the city cleaned itself up is testament to that. Ak'kritaar is becoming the consummate capital: organized guards patrol the streets and the barracks on the east walls are constantly in motion. Dwarves are a common site in the city, on the Iron Avenue, the Masons' District, and in their community of "Hammer Town". The Dwarves are mostly Argentan by birth or descent, but there are communities from Olgatmar and the Deeping Falls too. These dwarves are more cosmopolitan than most, and tend to be open and inviting.

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