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Ranger classes tend to have themes relating to being a hunter, survivalist, or wilderness expert.

Ranger Classes[edit]

Classes based on the ranger archetype.
Name Summary Spellcasting Hit Die
Arcane Archer An archer trained to imbue arrows with spells. half 8
Arrowsmith The Arrowsmith uses custom arrows to create chaotic and useful effects on the battlefield from afar. 10
Bounty Hunter A being who seeks their target's death, for money, for faith, or for fun. 8
Dragoon, Variant One who uses a dragon's blood to enhance their physical capabilities. 10
Mantra Warrior 1d8
Monochromancer Harness the forces of light and darkness to shift the battle in your favor. full 6
Moon Hunter A huntress blessed by the power of the moon 8
Northern Ranger These are rangers that have been living in the north, learning to endure harsh conditions and fighting skills, as they are the first line of defense of the north. They show a great mastery on sword and combat skills as they train almost non-stop, as well as others such as tracking or survival in the wilderness. There aren't many northern rangers left, but those that still survive are considered to be brothers. 10
Primitive Warrior A wild warrior that rely on primitive technology and pure instincts battle dangerous foes. 12
Ranger "old school" Variant An ultra-basic ranger/archer class 10
Ranger, 2nd Variant Acting as a bulwark between civilization and the terrors of the wilderness, rangers study, track, and hunt their favored enemies. half 10
Ranger, Non-Magical Variant As the name might suggest, this class is a non-magical variant of the existing "Ranger" class. 10
Ranger, Variant An extensive rework of the classic Ranger class of 5th Edition. 10
Spirit-Bond 6
True Vampire Lancer 12
Ur Khul Ranger Hunters, Trackers and Guardians from the ancient school of Ur Khul Nathorvín Etrío ed Kareptirah 8
Wild Blade Wild blades are warriors for the druid circles, wielding the powers of nature, alongside with swords, in their battles to protect the wild. half 10

Ranger Mashup Classes[edit]

Mashup classes with multiple themes, one of which is the ranger archetype.
Name Summary Spellcasting Hit Die
Arcane Ranger A mixture of ranger and wizard half 8
Divine Hunter A warrior focused on the destruction of unholy creatures in devotion to a deity or other powerful being. half 10
Dragonhunter A warrior specialized in slaying dragons. third 10
Dragonslayer A warrior cursed by a glowing sigil on their chest, that drains their life force to increase their physical capabilities. 12
Elder Sage An unparalleled loremaster whose mere presence marks impending events of grave magnitude. half 4
Elemental Adept An Elemental Adept uses the four elements to subdue their foes in combat, defending civilized regions from evils city folk can't begin to comprehend. full 8
Elemental Archer, Variant An elemental archer uses their prowess with magic in combination with archery half 8
Frogsoul An ordinary humanoid with a soul fused with a frog's. They wield deadly amphibious powers and spells. half 8
Grimoire Summoner Chosen by a magical Grimoire, the user harnesses it's power to summon a Guardian Beast to wreak havoc on the battlefield. 8
Knight of the Fey Knights who have pledged themselves to the service of a specific archfey or a Fey court as a whole in return for magical power. 10
Manhunter A pursuer of criminals, using cunning and deadly precision to bring runaways to justice. 8
Masked Hunter Hunters wielding a knife and a bow, sacrificing lives for eldritch creatures. 8
Minuteman The enemy is 30 minutes from the gates, but I'll be ready in one 10
Quincy, Variant 8
Wild Master Combination of Barbarian and Ranger 10

Ranger Classes Based on Existing Fiction[edit]

Ranger classes which are based on characters or archetypes from other works of fiction.
Name Summary Spellcasting Hit Die
Dark Ranger Ruthless hunters of the living, Dark Rangers are murderous trackers, that employ necromantic magic to deliver death to their victims. The Dark Ranger is a Variant of the Ranger class. half 10
Maverick Hunter A buster-wielding agent dedicated to the destruction of gone-maverick reploids. 8
Mobian Genius 8
Monster/Beast Hunter A Guardian of nature and people equally. 10

Ranger April Fools Classes[edit]

Ranger classes with a more comedic twist.
Name Summary Spellcasting Hit Die
Furry Clad in cursed fursuits, these savage warriors are animals in their minds and abilities. 10

Incomplete Ranger Classes[edit]

Ranger classes with one or many improving, reviewing, or removing templates present. Please help work on the problem presented on the template.

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