5e Classes With d4 Hit Dice

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Name Summary Spellcasting
Angel Paragon
Blade Soul A support who is fragile, but can grant many unique bonuses. half
Clover Grimoire User
Commoner You are the average D&D person, sickly, weak and poor you have almost no potential but are determined to make a difference.
Cryomancer, 2nd Variant Cryomancers wield the power of frost to destroy their opposition.
Drow Paragon
Duelle The perfect companions for solitary fighters. A fairy or other tiny creature that can handle most non-combat situations that fighters handle poorly. full
Elf Paragon
Golem Pilot half
Hacker A clever sneak who focuses on weakening the enemy
Human Paragon
Information Mage full
Keyblade Wielder, 2nd Variant
Lord Paladin
Magus, 3/4
Mask Bearer
Primordial Arcane A powerful mage with beyond 9th level spell slots full
Psion, 3rd Variant
Psychic Ward full
Quanity mage, 3/4 variant
Quantity Mage
Risen Shinobi Many years ago, you served your master. Years later, you have been resurrected by the curse you carry. While part of your face and hair is now an ashen white, you feel only the need to find your master, or if necessary, a new one to serve.
Seeker of Truth
Slave, Variant
Soul Crafter p third
Spinner You have been created by Mystra to fuel the weave. You channel raw, unshaped power. full
Tiefling Paragon
Warframe, Variant
Wool Witch
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