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Fairy King[edit]

For many years, you have been the Fairy King, the sworn protector of the Fairy King's Forest armed with a mighty Sacred Treasure: the Spirit Spear. Due to the power that the Fairy King possessed, enemies refrained from attacking the Forest while it flourished. One day, you were required to leave the Fairy King's Forest which left it unguarded by its powerful defender. Legend has it the only thing that can bring down the Fairy King's Forest is the flames of purgatory from a powerful demon. While you were away from the Forest, you encountered a formidable opponent and fell to their hands, but instead of losing your life, you lost your memory. You have become lost for years trying to find the purpose and strength in which you forgot you had. Upon discovering a massive scorched forest biome, memories started to flood back to you. Memories of your past, of your relationships, of your duty, of your now lost people and home. After realizing your failure as the Fairy King, you rush to the heart of the Fairy King's Forest; the source of power in which your Spirit Spear was derived from: the Sacred Tree. After ravishing through the scarred base of the Sacred Tree, you witness a small sudden glow from underneath the ashes of the complex roots. Upon clearing the way, you find the seed of the Sacred Tree unharmed and protected. You feel a burning sensation upon your left calf as you observe a red bear become evident on your skin as you roll around in pain. Upon the completion of the mark, you finally understand that you committed one of the worst sins a mortal can commit, the Grizzly Sin of Sloth. Determined to right your wrongs, you set out to begin a new start to the Fairy King's Forest, rediscover the strength you once had, and forge new relationships in this world.

Creating a Fairy King[edit]

Must take the race of a Half-Fairy

As a Half-Fairy, you have natural levitation and flight of 30 ft. while your walking speed is 25 ft. | 2 hours of sleep is a short rest and 4 hours is a long rest. | Ability Score Increase: +2 Dex. or Int., +1 Con., Wis., or Cha. | Able to live up to 2000 years as the Fairy King | Size- Small | You possess Dark-vision for 60 ft., Fey Ancestry, Druidcraft, and Dancing Lights. You also have Keen Senses (Perception proficiency), Naturally Stealthy, and Tiny Hands. You can read, speak, and write in Common, Slyvan. and one more language of your choice. Your height should be around 5 ft. and weight should be around 100 pounds.

Quick Build

You can make a Fairy King quickly by following these suggestions. First, Dexterity should be your highest ability score, followed by Wisdom, then your lowest score should be Strength. Second, choose the Folk Hero background.

Class Features

As a you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d8 per level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 1d8 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + Constitution modifier per level after 1st


Armor: Light Armor
Weapons: Spirit Spear
Tools: One kind of Artisan's tools
Saving Throws: Dexterity and Wisdom
Skills: Stealth, Arcana, and pick two of the following: Animal Handling, Perception, Survival, Persuasion, Nature, History


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • Spirit Spear (You must give your Spirit Spear a name and place that name at the end. Ex. Spirit Spear Aldenheim)
  • Seed of the Sacred Tree
  • One kind of Artisan's tools
  • (a) Leather or (b) Studded Leather
  • If you are using starting wealth, you have 2d6 gp in funds.

Table: The

Level Proficiency
1st +2 Natural, 1st, 2nd, Cantrips
2nd +2 4th, Solar NRG
3rd +2 Ability Score Increase, Ability Creations
4th +2 Ability Score Improvement, 5th
5th +3 Stage 1 Moon Rose and Sunflower
6th +3 Ability Score Increase, Teleport Markers
7th +3 3rd, Linked Vision, Extra Action
8th +3 Ability Score Improvement, Wing Sprout v1, Spirit Fusion
9th +4 Ability Score Increase, Configs. able to speak Common and Slyvan
10th +4 Stage 2 Moon Rose and Sunflower
11th +4 6th, Disaster v1
12th +4 Ability Score Improvement, Ability Score Increase, Wing Sprout v2
13th +5 Extra Action, Stage 3 Moon Rose and Sunflower
14th +5 Sacred Tree effects if fully grown
15th +5 7th, Disaster v2
16th +5 Ability Score Improvement, Ability Score Increase
17th +6 Stage 4 Moon Rose and Sunflower
18th +6 10th
19th +6 Ability Score Improvement, Disaster Full Potential
20th +6 Full Wings, 3D8 for Solar NRG max

Spirit Spear[edit]

Able to summon Spirit Spear Aldenheim through a colored portal of light drawn with fingers by the Fairy King alone (2 ft. in dia.) Aldenheim is able to repair itself completely after it's been damaged/split/broken (2 turns), 1 turn if repaired directly by the Fairy King. You can only use Configurations and abilities through snaps, hands movements, finger gestures, etc. until higher levels. You control Spirit Spear Aldenheim with ease and remain aware of Aldenheim's location at all times.


As Fairy King, you have some control over the elements of nature which are fire, water, earth and air. You will receive the following cantrips when you begin:

  Eldritch Blast- 120 ft. | 1D10 Force, 2D10- level 5, 3D10- level 11, 4D10- level 17 | 
  Fire Bolt- 120 ft. | 1D10 Fire, 2- level 5, 3- level 11, 4- level 17 | 
  Frost Bite- 60 ft., 1D6 Cold+Dis. on next attack, Con save 8+Mod.+Prof., 2D6- level 5, 3D6- level 11, 4D6- level 17 | 
  Mold Earth- 30 ft. (5 ft. cubed) 


To avoid confusion, I will be addressing the Spirit Spear as Aldenheim when I describe its features, so be sure to replace Aldenheim with the name you give to your Spirit Spear. Also, pick a main color of your Spirit Spear and that color will be the glow that your spear can have for added immersion. You have proficiency with all Configurations and attacks with Aldenheim are magical. Others can wield Aldenheim, but they can't activate any abilities w/ it. You can get creative on some of these Configurations and alter them for your benefit if you wish to do so, just make sure it remains balanced for your game. Natural Form, 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Configurations can fly, hover, and float. 2nd and 6th have the potential to fly, hover, and float depending on the animal.

Natural Form- Takes the form of a green moss patterned square pillow that's about 5x6 ft. and 10 in. thick. This can act as a shield, though not as good as Guardian | AC- 12 | Same Resis., Vuln., and Immun. as Guardian | able to carry about 225 lbs. | If the pillow takes 20 damage or more overtime, then it'll be need to be repaired before utilizing it for combat or switching Configurations. (2 turns if repaired naturally, 1 turn if repaired directly; hands directly over Configuration)

1st Configuration: Aldenheim- Takes the form of a long double-sided spear with a golden tipped spike bottom and a hilt in a 4-point star shape with a circle in the middle. Able to perform basic ranged attacks similar to that of a spear | Basic- 1D8 Slashing | Staff-side- 1D6 Bludg. | (You can be creative and give your own Spear its own description, but that's just how I described mine) |

   Rose's Pin-Up- Aldenheim fires very quickly, piercing itself into the target and a nearby surface which pins the target to it | 1D10 Piercing | Str. roll 12+ or be pinned to the nearby surface | Can also be used to Intimidate while outside of combat, but either purposely misses or does 1D4 piercing 
   Razor Disk- Aldenheim spins very quickly like a disk and is able to cut through things | 1D12 Slashing | 
   Invisibility- Aldenheim combines with a target, making them completely invisible. While invisible, they cannot do damage unless they voluntarily choose to become visible. Then Aldenheim will revert to its 1st Configuration and float unless picked up or moved | Number of uses= Wisdom modifier | 

2nd Configuration: Guardian- (You can get creative and pick an animal to be used as your Guardian and develop special moves to make it unique. The following is what I developed) Takes the form of a giant stuffed Cobra. Able to do basic snake related attacks. Guardian's fluffy body is able to nullify most to all physical attacks, leaving the target open for a parry/counterattack. The high water-concentrated moss that covers it, which can be hardened and softened at the Fairy King's content, gives Guardian resistance against fire and lightning, immunity against bludgeoning, poison, necrotic, thunder, but leaves it vulnerable against ice and cold attacks | AC- 14 |

   Tail Whip- 1D8 Bludg. +5 ft. knockback, Str. roll 12+ or be knocked prone | 
   Wrap and Tighten- 1D8 Crushing+ Restrained, Str. roll 14+ to escape, if target is unable to escape after 3 turns, target becomes unconscious; if target fails Str. roll, target takes 1D8 crushing damage; unable to preform against creatures bigger than Large size | 
   Necrosis- Guardian lunges forward and bites its target with its sharp fangs, potentially can leave the target paralyzed | 1D6 Piercing+ Paralysis for 1 turn, Con. roll 14+ to resist | 

3rd Configuration: Fossilization- Takes the form of a thin jagged 4 bladed spear (2 in front and in back) that can fossilize whatever it may cut | Con. roll 8+Prof.+Con Mod. | if roll failed, the cut limb will turn to stone and continue to spread until the target is completely fossilized | Number of uses= Constitution modifier | regains uses after long rest

4th Configuration: Luminosity- Lumos takes the form of a small yellow orb of light with small wings and a high pitched tone which only the Fairy King can understand, which sounds like silence for others. Able to light a surrounding area and acts like a moving torch of light | 45 ft. of bright light and 15 ft. of dim | 1D4 fire damage if touched |

   Burnout- Lumos approaches a target and, when triggered or destroyed, unleashes a bright flash of light and burns and heats targets within 10 ft. of it | 2D6 fire damage and Blinded if failed Con save 8+Mod.+Prof. 

5th Configuration: Multiply- Aldenheim splits into an army of small kunai-like weapons that can all be perfectly controlled unconsciously by the Fairy King

   Swarm- Performs a series of attacks from multiple sides of the target/group | 6D6 Slashing | 20 ft. radius | Dex. roll 8+Mod.+Prof, half damage if passed | Number of uses= Dexterity modifier
   Cocoon- Kunai completely wraps around a target protecting, yet trapping, them in a dome of kunai. Able to expand up to a 15 ft. radius and contract to the Fairy King's content, but can't get small enough to where damage will occur to the target(s) unless target(s) touch the kunai themselves. Can protect against most offensive magic and physical attacks | 1D8 Slashing if touched | must deal 15+ damage total to break physically/magically
   Fight Fire with Fire- Kunai rain down upon a target viciously | 6D8 piercing | One target | Dex. roll 8+Mod+Prof, half damage if passed | acts as a usage of Swarm

6th Configuration: Blazing Beast- Takes the form of any animal seen by the Fairy King and creates an exact green mossed version of that animal. Though sentient, it remains loyal to the Fairy King and does as it's commanded to the best of its ability. If commanded, it burns the moss off from the inside and looks like a white version of the creature. The blistering heat from contact with the animal causes burns and fires on contact. In this form, it can only last 3 minutes and burns out after, dropping a black orb which needs to be placed into the ground which will cause it to revert back into the 1st Configuration and sprout up next to the Fairy King. Can burn out if commanded which would still drop the black orb. (Animal must be medium sized or smaller) | 1D12 Radiant if it makes contact | possess actions of the animal it looks like | (do Perception checks while on your adventure and ask the DM if you see an animal and keep a note of what animals you find for this ability)

7th Configuration: Ocarina of Nightmares- Takes the form of a dark ocarina and the Fairy King plays a chilling tune. Places targets in range, except for themselves, under an auditory illusion where they're pinned up on a torture wheel and tortured for a duration of time with everything in black and white. This will leave the target physically and mentally, strained and damaged | 40 ft. radius | 5D8 Necrotic+ 1 lvl. of exhastion | Wis. save 8+Wis Mod+Prof. | Number of uses= Wisdom modifier | (it'll be best if your team all keep a set of ear plugs to avoid harming your team by these effects)

8th Configuration: Moon Rose- Sends 1st Configuration: Aldenheim into the ground and takes the form of a sentient Moon Rose that's able to grow and shrink at the Fairy King's content. Able to effectively communicate with the Fairy King through unknown means | 1 turn to grow to desired size |

   Droplet of Life- A green droplet from the tendril of the flower heals the target it touches to heal, recover stamina, etc. and heals all harmful conditions like poison, paralysis, etc. Only living matter | 2 ft.- 2D6, 8 ft.- 4D6, 10 ft.- 7D6, 25 ft.- 12D6 healing | Number of uses= Wisdom modifier

9th Configuration: Sunflower- Sends 1st Configuration: Aldenheim into the ground and takes the form of a sentient sunflower that harnesses the sun's energy to fire a stream of light at an enemy or group that's able to to grow and shrink at the Fairy King's content. It's able to do things from start a campfire (smallest) to singe a hole through a behemoth of a giant (biggest) | 2 ft.- 2D6; 8 ft.- 4D6; 10 ft.- 7D6; 25 ft.- 12D6 Fire damage | 1 turn to grow to desired size |

10th Configuration: Sacred Treasure Release- Unlocks the fullest potential of Spirit Spear Aldenheim and becomes a stronger version of any Configuration it takes | Configuration and Spirit Fusion damage and effects doubled (includes duration statuses, attack damage, healing, conditions, etc.) |

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 3rd level, and again at 6th, 9th, 12th, and 16th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Teleport Markers[edit]

Once you reach level 6, you are able to use Teleport Markers. In order to use this, you must find a crystal/gem worth over a reasonable amount of money (depending on the currency system of your game, ask DM) and carve a Slyvan symbol into it w/ Aldenheim, then bury it into the earth of the specified location. This will allow 1st Configuration: Aldenheim to turn into a portal that'll also open a portal to the stone surrounded by the specified color. The portal can expand up to 6 ft. tall and 5 ft. wide. Cannot be used in combat. Each crystal is linked to each other, so you can teleport from one crystal to another. Each crystal will have 5 uses, so every usage of a crystal will remove 1 usage when it's closed. (If one crystal is opened to another, 1 use will be removed from each). Half your level (rounded down) is the number Teleport Markers you can have at a time. You can detect where the crystals are as long as they're within the ground. If a crystal is dug up or part of it is revealing from the ground, the crystal will become unusable and you'll no longer be able to detect it or teleport to it until it's within the ground completely once again. Every use will cause more cracks to appear in the crystal. If all the uses of a crystal are used, then the crystal will erupt from the ground and crumble into useless dust when the portal is closed.

Linked Vision[edit]

Once you reach level 7, your vision will become linked with your Configurations, meaning you can see what they see. This only works on the 2nd, 4th, and 6th Configurations. Some Spirit Fusion animals also have this feature. The same applies with Configurations being able to speak.

Class Features[edit]

Wing Sprout v1- +2D4 to all damage rolls; +10 ft. flying speed; +1 to Wisdom or Dexterity

Wing Sprout v2- replace previous damage boost w/ +2D8 to all damage rolls; +15 flying speed; +1 to Wisdom and Dexterity

Full Wings- replace previous damage boost w/ +3D12 to all damage rolls; +20 flying speed; +1 Wisdom and Dexterity; uses half the amount of Solar NRG to preform Ability Creations (rounded up) and doubles Solar NRG max; all attacks have +2 to hit


Disaster essentially grants the authority to rule over the Fairy King's Forest. This ability allows the Fairy King to exercise complete control over life and death by altering and controlling matter at a molecular level. For example, they can turn a shallow scratch into a fatal wound, a minor poison into a lethal toxin and a small benign growth into a cancerous tumor that can devour a body whole. It also gives them complete control over nature, allowing them to manipulate various flora, letting it flourish or perish in moments.

Disaster v1- able to alter matter and make something minute mild and vice versa | able to make a 150 ft. radius grow or wither with foliage and plants | Ex. arthritis can be triggered in an older target to make movement harder

   Status Demotion- halfs the amount of over-time damage a target takes | Ex. poison, bleeding | 1 turn | 

Disaster v2- can make something minute lethal and vice versa but can't use Disaster on a target except for Status Promotion/Demotion and increasing/decreasing severity of conditions | able to make 1500 ft. radius grow or wither with foliage and plants

   Status Promotion- doubles the amount of over-time damage a target takes | 1 turn | 

Disaster Full Potential- able to make 5 mile radius grow or wither with foliage and plants | can now be used to alter body conditions and trigger or remove ailments and conditions completely

    Condense Power- takes the moisture in a plant/branch and condenses it. This becomes a deadly bullet that can be controlled freely by the Fairy King: 4D12 piercing damage and has 3 attacks, all can be dodged by target | 1 turn |

Solar NRG[edit]

You will use the energy you get from the sun as power for various abilities that you can develop as long as they're approved by your DM. The main reason I created this class was for its vast capabilities in many areas such as scouting, infiltration, support, etc. This will be evident in the Ability Creation section where I'll go more in detail with later.

At level 2, you will roll 3D8 which will serve as your current Solar NRG max. With this, you can utilize the NRG to do many things. You can use 1 Solar NRG to create a glow around your Spirit Spear which adds an additional +2 to hit and an additional 1D6 damage. After your attack, you will lose the buff and must do it again to get the buff.

The following is how much Solar NRG you'll recieve during every time of day. You must have contact with direct sunlight and not artificial light to replenish. Be sure to ask DM about time of day so you may replenish your Solar NRG.

   Dawn- 2D6 | Sunrise- 3D6 | Morning- 3D10 | Noon- 4D8+5 | Afternoon- 3D10 | Sunset- 3D6 | Dusk- 2D6 | Evening- 2D4 | Night- 1D6 | Midnight- 1D4

Ability Creations[edit]

This is where this class will really shine in terms of versatility. Ability Creations require plenty of creativity and adds an element of fun to the game which can be very unique, so be sure to think thoroughly about the things you wish to create. When you reach level 3, you can begin developing Ability Creations to use in your game. You can only learn 1 Ability Creation per level, so pick them wisely.

When selecting an Ability Creation to use, you must train to develop it. You must successfully spend 20 hours learning the creation. Upon every success, it will become easier to learn. Ex. You must successfully roll a 20, then a 19 or higher, then an 18 or higher, then a 17 or higher, and so on. Every attempt will count as a hour of training, whether successful or failed. DON'T add any modifiers to your rolls! The following are some examples that I developed and how much Solar NRG they cost if you wish to use them:

   Spear Imitation- Makes a 2nd Aldenheim that allows you to attack again, but can only have 2 at a time. If still active, you cannot fully replenish your Solar NRG, so it'll be your Solar NRG max minus 3 | 3 NRG | 
  1st Configuration: Nature's Revenge- Aldenheim overloads w/ Solar NRG to explode while shielding up to 5 people and the Fairy King | 12D8+ 3(lvl)+(remaining NRG) Radiant or half if successful | 60 ft. radius | Dex. save: 18 | Aldenheim disappears for 24 hours and suffers 2 levels of exhaustion (dis. on ability checks and speed halved) | Aldenheim will reappear next to you after 24 hours in its 1st Configuration w/ full Solar NRG
  1st Configuration: Beedrill- Aldenheim spins like a drill very quickly | 2D10 piercing | doesn't use Solar NRG
  Any Configuration of Aldenheim in one part: Swap- the Fairy King and Aldenheim instantly swaps places with one another | 6 NRG | Reaction | 
  Photo Copy- creates a clone of the Fairy King. Same stats, abilities, etc. but has half HP and is mentally and visually linked to the Fairy King | 5 NRG | can't fully charge Solar NRG if left undone, Ex. Solar NRG max minus 5
  Metamorphosis- Able to change appearance like hair color, height, size, etc. but don't gain any benefits | 1 NRG | 
  Explosive Osmosis- A stronger form of Photo Copy (must learn Photo Copy first), capable of combustion when commanded to | 7 NRG | 6D6+6 Fire | 15 ft. radius | Dex. save: 16 | 
  Pollinated Illusion- A weaker version of Photo Copy (doesn't have to learn Photo Copy first) to create an illusionary form that King wants. Can't harm people or wield Aldenheim. Can only speak, interact w/ objects, fly, etc. | 2 NRG | When released or damaged, disassembles as bright pollen and disappears after 1 minute | 
    Cytoskeleton- wraps around the target in your chosen color and and increases the target's AC by 3 | takes 1 turn to wrap and unwrap around the target |
    Condensation- turns into a small pill/tablet that's able to be ingested and give the target magical powers if compatible | Necessary to learn to utilize Spirit Fusion
    Pollen Garden- wraps around the target in your chosen color and does 1 of the following | +2 AC, +5 HP per turn or +1 AC, +10 HP per turn | 4 NRG per turn | takes 1 turn to wrap and unwrap around the target | 
    Bungee Honey- turns into a clear yet foggy colored material that's sticky and elastic, making it very durable, flexible, and has adhesive properties. Can attach it through physical contact and remotely (Dex. roll for aim). Can make it contract at will, drawing the things attached to it toward each other. Can attach it feet/hands to to walk on walls. Allows for Bungee Honey to be invisible, but must make Bungee Honey visible to cause things to damage each other | 35 ft. | 
    Yggdrasil's Bark- a powerful force field that covers targets from physical and magical attacks. Absorbs damage taken and subtracts half of it from remaining Solar NRG, includes damage taken from inside. Fairy King is unable to be inside of this force field and targets are unable to leave unless broken or released | 20 ft. radius sphere | Doesn't require concentration to maintain. Remains active, even after death, must be broken. If broken, force field will return to 1st Configuration and King suffers 2 levels of exhaustion | 
    The Night of Day- two seals on each of the Fairy King's palms that allow them to teleport to objects/people or vice versa | teleports within 3 ft. of seal | The real Fairy King must touch the surface of an object with the corresponding hand and the seal will be placed with either a white sun (right) or a black moon (left) which will then become invisible. When activated, the corresponding seal will glow in the target and King's palm and the teleportation will instantly occur (palm must be facing toward the general direction of teleportation). There is no distance limit on the seals, being able to traverse space-time, but can only teleport the Fairy King. Seals cannot be destroyed but must be voluntarily removed by the Fairy King's will. Cannot be used as a reaction. Target's larger than Large size cannot be teleported. | 2 uses of each seal per long rest |

Again, you can create your own Ability Creations. Be sure to check with DM for permission to use the Ability Creations you choose to keep the game as balanced as possible. Feel free to alter some of the ideas provided to better adapt to your game.

Sacred Tree[edit]

The Sacred Tree is not only the heart of the Fairy King's Forest, but also the main source of power for the Fairy King. Upon the completed growth of the Sacred Tree, the Fairy King only gets stronger. The requirements to grow the Sacred Tree is the Droplet of Life from the Moon Rose. The Sacred Tree requires at least a 10 mile radius of forestry, 100 HP from Droplet of Life across a 1 week span of time for 10 weeks (1000 HP in 10 weeks) | Upon failure to provide the 100 HP during the 1 week span will cause the current cycle to be redone. After every successful week, the tree will grow 20 ft. until it reaches its maximum height of 200 ft. The Sacred can ONLY receive at most 40 HP in one day, which means this'll have to be a commitment. Growing the Sacred Tree is completely optional, but it'll be beneficial for strength. If fully grown, this location can become a haven for fairies and half-fairies alike and it must be planted in order for the cycle of Fairy Kings to continue. The next Fairy King will be born from the Sacred Tree, just as you were.

Benefits: 2x the amount of damage King can do while using Aldenheim (applies to Configurations ONLY) | Aldenheim can alert King if Fairy King's Forest is being destroyed/invaded/in danger | The flames of purgatory from a powerful demon is the only thing that is able to completely destroy the Fairy King's Forest and Sacred Tree |

The Sacred Tree isn't defenseless as it possesses an enormous amount of magical power. It's extremely resistant and weapons are much more stronger than steel. It's able to emit healing pollen when injured which provides protection, the moss is able to shape-shift into sentinel beings that fight for it, grows a Sunflower on the top which is capable of firing powerful rays of Solar Energy (stronger than Stage 4 Sunflower), able to defend with ivy named Death Thorn from which the slightest cut seems to result in death. Roots are able to extend as far out as possible as long as there's forestry which can also be used to defend itself along with many other defense mechanisms.

Spirit Fusion[edit]

Spirit Fusion is a beneficial perk to have and allows you to become more in tuned with nature while also recruiting some allies to help you in your adventures. This is completely optional to this class, but you must learn Condensation as an Ability Creation and be level 8 or higher before you can use this.

When you learn Condensation, you can feed the pill to an animal that you have fully and successfully tamed. Giving the pill to the animal will cause yo to lose Aldenheim for the total 24 hours of the process. You can do this to any kind of animal, just as long as it's tamed by the Fairy King (ex. doesn't work on dragons who are allies with the Fairy King rather than tamed). After you feed the animal the pill, the animal will begin reacting violently to the pill after about an hour. The pill will cause the animal to begin reacting violently to anyone as it'll cause the animal to contort from its normal form, eyes to glow, snarling/growling, the snapping and regenerating of bones/joints, etc. (The process will be most violent during its 20th hour and begin to wind down after). The animal will still be able to move and interact with its environment during the process (think of it as intervals of excruciating pain). The process will be very violent as the pill will try to pair with the animal as the animal tries to reject it. This is very risky as the animal must successfully roll a Constitution save: 14 to pass the process or be killed by it. (1 try) If the roll is unsuccessful, the animal will be severely contorted and bloody as Aldenheim floats above the corpse of the animal in its 1st Configuration.

If successful, the animal no longer needs to eat, can be located by King, considered to have magical attacks and to be magical creatures, grants animals 2 attacks/abilities, immune to Ocarina of Nightmares, necrotic, poison; resistant to radiant, piercing damage. Upon a success, roll a D10 and the animal will receive perks associated with its Configuration. 0 is 1st, 1 is 2nd, 2 is 3rd, and so on. You cannot have more than 1 animal with the same Configuration. You must re-roll if you get another animal with the same Configuration. Upon death of a Spirit Fusion animal, you cannot make another animal with the same Configuration, so you only have 10 slots to be successful, so take care of your animals.

   1st Con. Aldenheim: gains the ability of flight (30 ft.) | able to erect spikes out of its body and makes claws/talons/teeth/etc. sharper and longer (+1D6 type damage and +2 AC) | if land animal, creates a long sharp tail that can cut targets(5 ft. 1D6 slashing); if air animal, makes tail and wings sharp (1D6 slashing) and grants better aerodynamics, granting it +10 ft. flying speed | makes iris the main color of the Spirit Spear |
  2nd Con. Guardian: animal becomes bigger and is wrapped in green moss, making it resistant to fire damage, immune to bludgeoning, necrotic, and over-time damage, but vulnerable to ice/cold damage | if AC isn't 15, increases to 15 | animals teeth/talons/claws/etc. are able to make creatures paralyzed or poisoned (roll 1D4)(1,2 paralysis; 3,4 poison) on hit. Make a Con. saving roll DC: 13 or be paralyzed for a turn or take poison damage, 1D4 small animal, 1D8 medium animal, 1D12 large animal | able to change moss color (stealth proficiency) | 
  3rd Con. Fossilization: able to fly 30 ft., if already able to fly, +10 ft. | when animal deals damage, target must make a Con. saving roll DC: 9 or have the wounded limb will turn to stone | 
  4th Con. Luminosity: if willed or instructed to do so, animal can emit bright light from its body for 30 ft. and dim light for another 15 ft. (animal's vision isn't obstructed) (takes 1D4 fire damage if touched) | animal is able to channel its light to their eyes and flash it at a target's eyes and do 1D6 fire damage and make a Con. saving roll DC: 12 or be blinded for their next turn | vision is linked with the Fairy King's | able to fly 30 ft., if already able to fly, +10 ft. | 
  5th Con. Multiply: animal is able to make solid clones of itself (up to 5, all with half its HP rounded down) | able to fly 30 ft., if already able to fly, +10 ft. | AC increases by 2 | able to detect other magical traces and people (Perception and Investigation proficiency when detecting or tracking magic) | vision is linked with other clones but not with King | teeth/claws/talons/etc. gain 1D6 slashing damage | Able to speak Common and Slyvan | 
  6th Con. Blazing Beast: AC increases to 15 if not already there or higher | covered in green moss like Guardian and if outer shell is broken, becomes -> | animal is able to become a white version of itself as it emits blistering heat and will deal 3D8 radiant damage when it comes into contact with anything when in this state (lasts for 4 minutes) | if time limit is reached or commanded to stop by the Fairy King, animal will become a black mini figure of itself. After 12 hours or a 1 hour ritual, mini figure will expand back into its regular size in its green moss form | able to change color if moss (Stealth proficiency) | immune to fire and radiant damage | 
  7th Con. Ocarina of Nightmares: animal is able to emit sound waves from all over its body and places those in a 40 ft. radius under an illusion if a Wisdom saving roll of DC: 13 is failed, target become immobile and unable to take actions or reactions (must roll at the beginning of target's turn) | those caught under the illusion will suffer 4D8 necrotic damage every turn until successful | fur/feathers become a dark gray shade and eyes become red in color (Intimidation proficiency) | Fairy King is immune and vision is linked | AC increases by 2 | every physical attack done by animal can do 1D4 small animal, 1D8 medium animal, 1D12 large animal force damage | 
  8th Con. Moon Rose: if animal interacts with a wound ex. licking it, it's able to heal area and restore HP (2D6 small, 2D8 medium, 2D8 +1D6 large) | becomes a light grey shade and eyes turn light green | animal's HP doubles and gains 10 HP per turn | AC increases by 1 | Perception proficiency during the night | able to effectively communicate with King
  9th Con. Sunflower: animal becomes a light yellow shade and eyes become orange | animal is able to fire beams of light from its mouth/eyes and gets stronger the longer it's charged (1 turn 2D8, 2 turns 4D6, 3 turns 6D6, 4 turns 10D6 radiant) | if a creature tries to attack the animal when it's charging, animal will fire the beam at the attacking creature | HP doubles and AC increases by 2 | vision is linked with King | Perception proficiency during the day | able to effectively communicate with King
  10th Con. Sacred Treasure Release: all of the animal's stats (ability scores, damage, HP, etc.) are doubled, but can't exceed 25 | AC becomes 18 if not already or keeps AC if higher | fastest speed increases by 20 ft. and the slowest speed (flying\ground) will equal the fastest speed | All physical attacks earn an additional 2D8 slashing damage | vision is linked and able to speak all languages | animal gains a golden tint and eyes become light green

Don't forget to name your animals, so here are some name suggestions I enjoy: Void, Wisp, Dusk, Vexx, Tornado, Razor, Steel, Iorek, Gust, Glitch, Gladious, Ark, Blaze, Mother Catastrophe, Stormcutter, Lostvayne, Rhitta, Gideon, Psylocke, Stain, Spike, Bliss, Calamity, Cinnabon, Jolt, Chrysalis, Haze, Ivory, Squalla, Paradox, Wallaby, Frazzle


You are unable to multiclass with this class.

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