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Domain Feats are a feats for clerics who selected a specific domain.

Combat Feats
Feat Prerequisite Summary
Confuse Undead Turn/Rebuke Undead, Madness Domain Your mad god granted you the power to drive even the restless dead insane.
Cursed Luck Rebuke Undead, Luck Domain You can jeopardize your enemies with your power over fate.
Divine Orc Command Orc or half-orc, Turn or Rebuke Undead, Orc Domain FRCS The orc gods made leading your orc brethren your destiny.
Divine Travel Turn or Rebuke Undead, Travel Domain You can speed up travel with divine energy.
Double Domain Slots Access to Cleric Domains, ability to cast 3rd-level divine spells You can prepare more Domain spells.
Expanded Domains Ability to cast clerical spells, any domain You can memorize domain-specific spells as if they were general cleric spells.
Extend Spell List Spellcasting level 1st You gain the use of the spells of one domain.
Holy Ram Turn or Rebuke Undead, divine spellcaster level 3+, Destruction Domain You can crush the walls that your enemies hide behind with holy power.
Improved Scalykind Command Rebuke or command reptilian animals (Scalykind Domain power) You can command more powerful creatures than mere lizards with your Domain power.
Last Rite Turn Undead, Repose Domain You can guide the dead to eternal rest using positive energy.
Oracle Wis 17, ability to prepare divine spells You guide your faith through the visions sent by your deity.
Sacred Dwarven Spirit Turn or Rebuke Undead, Dwarf Domain (FRCS) With the divine spirit of your deity you can turn a troop of dwarven allies into an unsurmountable line of defense.
Sanction Magic Turn Undead, Magic Domain Your divine lord gives and takes the power over magic.
Strength of the Pious Domain with a granted power with a limited duration. You double the duration of one of your granted powers.
Strengthen Undead Rebuke Undead You can give your undead allies a sudden boost of strength.
Torch Undead Turn or Rebuke Undead, Fire Domain or Sun Domain, 4th level You can burn undead in an outbreak of holy flames.
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