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Superior Melee Weapons


Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Zweihänder +3 1d10 - 120 gp 6 lb Heavy Blade Reach, Dismounting, Hefty*

A Zweihänder is a greatsword of magnificent size and power, with a large handguard and a straight blade the length of up to 180 centimetres (5.9 ft). It requires a great amount of strength to wield properly, not to mention swing around. The fighting style of a Zweihänder consists mostly of side-to-side and diagonal slashes, as well as heavy overhead smashes. Normally wielded by northernmen, it is sure to be a terrifying sight to see a man roaring at you with a sword his own size raised above his head.


Upon a critical hit with a Hefty weapon, the target is knocked prone.

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