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Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator Extradimensional Prototype
The ZPEFM, or "gravity gun", is a rather heavy two-handed device designed for construction, cargo handling and demolitions. It uses a core of negative-mass crystals harvested from another dimension. Actual applications might include hurling armored vehicles into groups of enemy soldiers, or pulling soda cans closer.
Slot: 2-handed ranged
The ZPEFM has two modes of fire, repel and attract.

Power: At-Will
Standard Action
Ranged 5
Target: One unfixed, unattended object
Effect: You push the object 10 squares. The object can be pushed into squares occupied by creatures. Make the following attack once for each such creature.

Attack: Level + 6 vs. Fortitude
Hit: 1d10 per 100 lb. that the object weighs + twice your level physical damage.
Effect: The target falls prone.

Power: At-Will
Move Action
Ranged 20
Target: One unfixed, unattended object
Effect: The object is pulled 5 squares.

Salvage: Tech Level 8. An 8th-level character can salvage the ZPEFM. It functions as above, with the following limitations. It's usage becomes Encounter, and can be used twice per encounter: one repel usage and one attract usage. The power's ranges and the distance objects can be pushed or pulled, are halved.
Weight: 25 lb.

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