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Cats are unable to wield nor make wespon. D&D 5e is balanced around different weapon types. The solution: cats use different moves.

To D&D veterans, yon may choose to remain the old name of weapon as they are practically the same.


At the end of your turn, if you have not used a two-handed move, attack with offhand or cast spells with the offhand (in other words, have not used both hands), AND have proficiency in medium and/or heavy stance (it does not mean that you are currently in these two stances), you gain 2 ac until the end of your next turn.

For D&D veterans, this is simply automatically equipping a normal shield if you don't use that hand during that turn.

Move Description[edit]

Natural Moves[edit]

There is three moves that all Warrior Cat can do, regardless their class is.

Natural Moves
Move Name Damage Property
Cat's Claw 1d4 slashing -
Cat's Bite 1d4 piercing -
Unarmed 1 bludgeoning -

Cat's Claw[edit]

A simple, untrained, swipe with the claw.

Cat's Bite[edit]

A simple, untrained, bite with the teeth.

Unarmed Attack[edit]

A simple, untrained, physical attack like ramming, punching or swinging with a stick

Simple Moves[edit]

A trained fighter will pick up moves that will prove useful in battle.

Simple Moves
Move Name Damage Property
Back Kick 1d12 bludgeoning two-handed
Crunch 3d4 piercing two-handed
Rake 1d10 slashing reach, two-handed
Front Paw Blow 1d8 bludgeoning finess
Forepaw Slash 1d6 slashing finesse, light
Tail Whip 1d4 bludgeoning finesse, light, reach

Back Kick[edit]

Explosive surprise move to catch opponent from behind.


Your bite has the combination of your jaw muscles and gravity as you put your weight into the bite.


Your paws and claws reached to the maximum range

Front Paw Blow[edit]

Bring your front paw down hard on your opponent's head. Claws sheathed.

Forepaw Slash[edit]

Slice downward with your front paw at the face or body of your opponent.

Tail Whip[edit]

A quick flick back and forth with your tail

Marshal Moves[edit]

Unlike simple move, it takes moons (month or 29.5 days) to master a single marshal move. Each marshal move has the normal and special effect.

Marshal Moves
Move Name Damage Property
Badger Defense 2d12 piercing -
Belly Rake 1d8 slashing Two-handed
Leap-and-hold 1d8 piercing Two-handed, reach
Scuff Shake 1d8 piercing finesse
Tail Yank 1d4 bludgeoning finesse
Teeth Grip 1d4 piercing -
Half-Turn Belly Rake 1d8 slashing -
Ponce 1d8 slashing -
Rear-up to Slash 2d8 slashing Two-handed, reach
Roll Over 1d8 bludgeoning Two-handed, finesse
Headbutt 1d10 bludgeoning Two-handed
Example Example Example

Badger Defense[edit]

Special: this deals d6 instead if used on any creature other than a badger.

Leap over opponent, turn on your back legs and bite opponent's leg. Used only when fighting badgers.

Belly Rake[edit]

Special: 0n a hit, creature makes a constitution saving throw vs 8 + Strength modified + proficiency modifier. On a failed save, you are freed from grappled and restrained by that creature.

Slice with unsheathed claws against the soft flesh of the opponent's belly. If you're pinned down, the belly rake quickly puts you back into control.


Special: you must be one size smaller than the target. On a hit, creature makes a strength saving throw vs 8 + Strength modified + proficiency modifier. On a failed save, you are on top of the creature. The creature cannot hit you with an attack. Creature may use its action to remake the save.

Ideal for a small cat facing a larger opponent. Spring onto opponent's back and grip with unsheathed claws. Now you are beyond the range of the opponent's paws and in position to inflict severe body wounds. A group of apprentices can defeat a large and dangerous warrior in this way. Watch for the drop-and-roll counter move, and try to jump free before you get squashed.

Scruff Shake[edit]

Special: if the creature is smaller size than you, it deals double damage and that creature is pushed 10 ft of your choice.

Secure a strong teeth grip in the scruff of your opponent's neck; then shake violently until they are too rattled to fight back. Most effective against rats, who are small enough to throw. A strong throw will stun or kill them.

Tail Yank[edit]

The creature must have a tail. On a hit, creature makes a strength saving throw vs 8 + Strength or dexterity modifier + proficiency modifier. On a failed save, they are prone. Creatures of smaller size than you have disadvantage to this save.

Grab your opponent's tail and yank it with such force that your opponent is thrown off balance.

Teeth Grip[edit]

Special: on hit, creature becomes grappled.

Target your opponent's extremities – the legs, tail, scruff or ears – and sink in your teeth and hold.

Half-Turn Belly Rake[edit]

Special: on a hit, you go under the creature and appear on the other side. This does not cost any movement BUT if an effect prevents you from moving or causes your speed to be 0, you cannot move.

Turn onto your side, slip under the opponent's belly, rake it with your claws, then swiftly turn back onto all fours out from under your opponent.


Special: can only be performed if the target is more than 20 feet away. The distance traveled in the jump costs your movement. Creatures must succeed on a Strength or Dexterity saving throw vs of 8 + Strength modifier + Proficiency modifier or be knocked prone.

Rear-up to Slash[edit]

Special: only use on creatures above you.

To hurt opponents coming from the air, this move can be used to rear up on the hind legs and slashing at the enemy

Roll Over[edit]

Special: This move cost 5 ft of movement. Instead of making an attack roll, any creatures that is on you and in one of the 5ft square to your right or left (your choice), make a dexterity saving throw vs your 8 + proficiency bonus + strength or dexterity modifier. On a failed, all creatures take d8 bludgeoning damage and knocked prone. On a pass, they are pushed 5 ft (their choice) away from you. Regardless of the result, you move to the spot that you rolled over to and there is no more creature on you.


Special: On a hit, creature makes a strength saving throw vs 8 + Strength modified + proficiency modifier. On a failed save, they are pushed back 5 ft.

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