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The Warp Drive from Star Trek. By the current PL, most species had discovered warp travel, a way to travel the stars at faster-than-light speeds. It worked by generating warp fields to form a subspace bubble that enveloped the starship, distorting the local spacetime continuum and moving the starship at velocities that could greatly exceed the speed of light. This made interstellar exploration, commerce, and war possible and practical. The speed at which the ship is going is referred to as its Warp Factor. Warp Factors 11-19 are only available at PL 8, and Warp 20 is achieved at PL 9. Warp 20 allows instant travel to any point in the universe instantaneously.

Warp Factor and Velocity[edit]

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Warp Factor Number of times faster than the speed of light Cost
1 1 28
2 8 30
3 27 33
4 64 34
5 125 35
6 216 40
7 343 41
8 512 43
9 729 44
10 1,000 45
11 1,331 47
12 1,728 49
13 2,197 51
14 2,744 57
15 3,375 60
16 4,096 55
17 4,913 58
18 5,832 60
19 6,859 62
20 8,000 70
Transwarp Infinite 90

d20 Modern Rules[edit]

Cruising Speed A warp drive's warp rating shows its cruising speed. It can maintain this speed indefinitely. It can go one warp factor higher for 1d4 hours, after which the warp drive is inoperable for 1d10 days. This still occurs no matter how long the ship exceeds its warp factor. If the ship takes more than 50 points of damage, the warp engine is damaged and can only go half speed, rounded up (If a ship with a warp 7 engine takes 50 points of damage, it can only go warp 3).

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