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Lately I have no time to do this. School takes up all my time. I miss you dandwiki. please edit my contrabutions all you like. add and change, take off. compleate my work if you like. I will be back when I can be.

Good day![edit]

My name is Mander. When I am dressed in a costume fighting crime I prefer to be called The Salamander. I am a dungeon master of one year and have been playing D&D exactly that long. I played other RP as a child.

An Apology[edit]

My spelling is VERY bad. I’m sorry. If you ever want to fix my spelling or grammar, you don’t need to ask me first.

What I Offer[edit]

I come to this wiki to share ideas... this is probably the greatest single web page in the world. Dandwiki is quickly becoming my primary hobby.

I am a natural DM and I am getting better. I have many good tips and tricks that I am willing to share. It is taking me a long time, but I am learning to edit Wiki format and some day I will be very usefull to this web page.

My most valuable contribution to dandwiki is my ability to tell a good story. I am not the best at D&D rules and often have difficulty remembering them during game play, and using them correctly when making my contributions to this wiki. Some times I throw them out the window all together. However the stories that I tell are very good. They are woven and twisted and always come back together in the end. They have layer upon layer upon layer of plot. A small detail will often be simply a little something to add spice, but some times they turn out to be an important plot device. Characters make appearances, seem to have their part completed, only to reappear later in the story. And I do all this without railroading my players along a path. I keep my stories open enough to let them explore and choose as they wish.

My Projects[edit]

I am currently working on the following contributions:

  1. Adding my maps to the new Maps section
  2. The Lydian Islands, a campainge setting. (pirates!)
  3. Adding my favorite NPCs

Also I would like to make a page containing my own DM tips and tricks. I have a few good ones.

My Contrabutions[edit]

Lightning Tongue[edit]

Lightning Tongue is up. Finally... --Calidore Chase 19:32, 25 July 2009 (MDT)

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