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Knowlessman is just some scrub noob idjit from TV Tropes.

He's made a character for 3.5 (which he considers too broken to fix) but never gotten to play it, played a session or two of Pathfinder (which he considers more or less indistinguishable from 3.5) at a convention, played D&D Encounters in 4e (which leaves a bad taste in his mouth) for ages, played Encounters during the 5th beta, and DM's online campaigns in 5th edition (which he just loves to bits) on Roll20.

He also makes edits of songs that loop better on Roll20 and uploads them to this Youtube playlist.

He created the following pages:

He counts these pages among his pet projects:

He reads/has read, and would particularly recommend to other D&D players:


(Book series)

  • The Discworld series, by Terry Pratchett
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