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Current long term project: RWBY campaign setting in a suitable manner for 5e

Pages created for setting:

Combat Skirt (5e Equipment)

Foldable Weapon Frame (5e Equipment)

Academy Huntsman (5e Background)

Faunus, Variant (5e Race)

Pages Edited for Setting:

Huntsman (5e Class)

Planned items for setting:

DUST alchemical item

Weapons unreplicateable with Foldable Weaon frame, such as Myrtenaster

Campaign setting pages

Variant rules for aura based hp, possibly

Redefining races as variant Faunus

Redefining classes in terms of in-world abilities and semblances

Monster entries for Grimm

My players killed an awakened cactus and totally went off on a tangent about the cactus juice from Avatar, so I made a super fun halucinagen! Cactus Juice (5e Equipment)

For fun, also tried my hand at making a Pokemon trainer class that actually works within the bounds of 5e:

Pokemon Trainer, Variant (5e Class)

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