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Axl's User Page[edit]

This page is just where people can know what I've created, and maybe they can help me out here with my creations. The creations that I need help with will be labeled under a seperate section.

Quick Link[edit]

Green Dragon Talk

Axl's D&D 4e Races[edit]

D&D 4e Race creations that need some work[edit]

These races have a template on them that tells what they need.


All of my classes powers need to be worked on. If anyone could provide more of those, that would be great.

Paragon Paths[edit]

Epic Destinies[edit]

My Sandbox[edit]

My Sandbox

Sourcebooks (help would be nice)[edit]


Create Twili race

Create Fused Shadows artifact

Twili can change into form of other person, what else?

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