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Im most familiar with 5e. ive been DMing and contributing to homebrew for about a year or 2. i'm well versed in writing and am quite passionate in the field.

What am i good at?[edit]

Im well read and thoroughly enjoy writing, spending a good portion of my free time doing it. going from my track record and peer reviews, my homebrew is quite balanced which is a relief since from my experience most homebrew is either under or overpowered.


For all questions, discussions etc i can be easily reached by both email and discord. with my discord username being CommanderBeepo#9116. i watch all of my pages very closely so please consult with me before making edits.

Mission statement[edit]

Most of my projects are related to ushering various fantasy races and items into dnd and giving them quantifiable stats for 5e. currently im working in tandem with various colleagues to bring "Arknights" to 5e. all information used is compliant with copyright laws and regulations, we simply want to bring various aspects and races from various sources to our collective table top and allow others to peruse our efforts with the hope that others can enrich their ttrpg experiences with it. sometimes people want to play as the same race as their various waifus/husbandos, why not assist in their endeavors?


Races, Classes, and Subclasses.[edit]

Archosauria Crocodillian humanoids from the various swamps and badlands of Sargon
Kuranta Equine humanoids hailing from Kazimierz
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