Type-25 Plasma Rifle (5e Equipment)

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Type-25 Plasma Rifle

Martial Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Type-25 Plasma Rifle Uncommon 2d8 lightning 10 lbs. (range 60/250), one-handed, plasma cartridges

Type-25 Plasma Rifle generates a rapid series of bolts of plasma, burning holes through anything it touches. It is given to unit commanders and higher ranking Covenant races, such as sangheili and jiralhanae.

Plasma Cartridge This weapon uses a single plasma cartridge as ammunition. Each shot uses 5% of its charge. It must be reloaded as an action.

Small Armament When making an attack against an enemy within 5 feet, you do not have disadvantage.

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A Type-25 Rifle, Source [[1]].
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