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Two-Weapon Master

Your dual-wielding combat prowess has been honed to mastery, granting you the following benefits:

  • If a feature such as Extra Attack allows you to make multiple attacks using the Attack action, this benefit also applies to attacks you make with your off-hand weapon using your bonus action.
  • You can choose to make a single additional attack with your off-hand weapon as part of the Attack action. If you do this, you can't make any off-hand attacks using your bonus action on this turn.
  • When you use your reaction to make a weapon attack, you can make an off-hand attack as part of the same reaction.

Additional attacks granted by this feat do not receive bonuses to damage rolls granted by Hexblade's Curse or any spell that requires your concentration.

("off-hand" refers to the hand you would normally use to make a weapon attack as a bonus action when you engage in two-weapon fighting.)

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