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Weapon (katana), legendary (requires attunement)

This magic katana was made from a supernatural alloy and imbued with magic to use other magic as it's own. This sword, when attuned, makes six bullets. These bullets may not be used with any other weapon. Magic casters can put a spell into each bullet, and the wielder can cast them as their own spells. Up to 3 bullets may be loaded into the sword at any time. You can only cast the spells in the order you place them in the sword. You can, as a bonus action, load a bullet into the sword. Used bullets are unsalvageable, but at dawn you may roll to regain up to 1d4-1 bullets. Bullets may only hold spells of the 1st through 5th levels. Attempting to store a higher level spell will permanently destroy the bullet.

Magic circle: On the blade there are three circles engraved into the blade. One grants a +1 to attack and spell attack rolls made with this weapon. The other two grant it the ability to cast two cantrips from the wizard spell list without the use of bullets. Assigning any cantrip is permanent.

Magic Union: The process of storing a spell in a bullet takes two hours. The spellcaster transferring the spell expends a spell slot to do so. Scrolls can also be used to transfer spells to bullets. The wielder can use Wisdom or Intelligence for spells. Spells stored in bullets last for a week.

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