Tribute to the Dark Goddess (5e Spell)

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Tribute to the Dark Goddess
9th-level Conjuration
Casting time: 1 action
Range: 150ft sphere centered on the caster
Components: V,S,M (black gem worth 10,000 which is consumed)
Duration: Instantaneous for the first effect the second effect is up to 1 minute

Those who fall into dark magic may try to appease certain deities to gain power however said power comes at a terrible price all creature in range take 12d10 necrotic damage and any who are killed can not be brought back unless True Ressurection or the Wish spell may undo this effect. this is only the prelude to the carnage that follows as for every 1,000 damage dealt summons one of many Dark Young(all credit goes to the creator of this stat block) appear in random locations within range. Although the Dark Young reconingnize the summoner they will not obey as the summoner does not command them but he/she will not be harmed by these children as they will attempt to kill all other creatures that they can until a minute passes. Doing this summon cost a tremendous amount of power as such the caster loses the ability to cast spells of 1st to 9th level spells until 1d6 days passes not only that but the casters maximum hitpoints is also reduced by 100 points for the 1d6 days this time cannot be reduced in any way.

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