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Backpack, artifact (requires attunement)

There was once a great artificer that wondered the world to learn of its technology. As he aged, he modified his attire to compensate for his lack of strength. Even extending his lifespan in its final stages of development.
When you first attune to it, you only gain access to a 100 cubic feat space to use like a bag of holding but with no weight limit. Regardless of the weight inside or attunement level, it weighs 40 lbs.

To increase your attunement to this device, you must sacrifice a total of 5000g of at least 3 rare materials to reach the 2nd tier or 10000g of 3 different rare materials to reach the 3rd tier.

Expansion. at its first stage, the bag can only store up to 100ft², increase by another 100ft² at each attunement level.

at the second tier of Attunement, you also gain a plus 5ft bonus to all walking, climbing and swimming speeds.

At the 3rd tier of attunement, this bonus becomes 10ft and you may add a plus 3 bonus to all jump distances

Placeholder Name. At the second stage of Attunement, You gain a plus 1 bonus to your Strength, Dexterity and Constitution and increase the maximum by the same.

At stage 3 of attunement, this bonus increases to 2 for both those scores and maximums. Any Strength, Dexterity or Constitution scores that are still bellow 12 become 12. This effect overrides all others.

Bound. Once you've reached the final stage of attunement, you can never remove it without dying first. It is always attuned to you. The suit is now grafted to your flesh, drilled into your bones and fused to your spine. It is advised you remove all clothing before reaching the 3rd tier of attunement.
Destroying the Traveler's Backpack. It can be dismantled with an hour's work, losing all properties by doing so, but all other damage is repair over a long rest automatically via insectoid repair robots the bag releases.

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