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Wondrous Item, very rare (auto-attunement)

The Transformation Control Collar is an iron collar with strange magic symbols and runes engraved in its surface. Each collar is connected to a special amulet and the wearer of the collar is subjected to the whims of whoever is in possession of the amulet. Such amulets and collars are commonly found in the possession of Vampires, Hags, and other evil spellcasters. When a humanoid dons the collar, they will be unable to remove it, the collar seeming to fuse with the wearers flesh. Using a bonus action, whoever is in possession of the amulet may speak the command word and whoever is wearing the Transformation control collar will suffer its effects.

Forceful Transformation.Upon the amulets user speaking the command word, the wearer of the collar will begin a transformation into a terrible beast. This transformation lasts up to 1 hour but can be dispelled by the amulets user. While transformed, the collar will grow to fit the size of the beast, the wearers stat will change to that of the creatures and they will be under the complete control of the wearer. Once reverting back to their normal form, the wearer will have all of the memories of the atrocities they committed while transformed.

Each collar can transform the wearer into one specific beast. The beast is usually a monstrosity or beast of a Cr less than or equal to 8. Some common transformations include:

  • A Basilisk
  • A Chimera
  • A Couatl
  • A Displacer Beast
  • A Giant Beast
  • A Hell Hound
  • A Hook Horror
  • A Hydra
  • A Manticore
  • An Owl Bear
  • A Pegusus
  • A Peryton
  • An Umber Hulk

Removing the Curse.The only way to remove the collar is through a greater restoration spell. Upon removal, the collar retains its magical properties. The curse cannot be removed while the wearer is transformed.

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