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Weapon (quarterstaff), common

Townshend's cudgels were invented by their namesake, Peter "Unknown" Townshend, a traveling bard who wished his lute to both give beauty and take it away (preferably with a good old-fashioned thrashing). His lute design, later copied by some of his admirers, was a simple oak lute, reinforced with an iron shell, to maintain the soft vibration of the sound against the wooden interior, and to give the lute the strength to crack open an orc's skull with a well-placed blow.

This weapon functions both as a lute and a weapon, using the statistics of a quarterstaff. The damage from this weapon is not magical. As it is a musical instrument, this weapon can also be used as a bard's spellcasting focus.

A Townshend's cudgel has a cost of 40 gp, and weighs 4 lb.


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