The Shaed of Shadows (5e Equipment)

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Armor (cloak), artifact (requires attunement)

The origins of the shaed are unknown, but suffice to say it is old and strange. The most brilliant minds in the empire have failed to completely unlock the secrets of its craftsmanship or purpose. It moves and flows at the merest thought and seems to quiet and be soothed in the presence of darkness. Fear the one who wears this dark cloak for you will not soon forget them.

The cloak itself is inky black. From a distance one would think it's a high quality fabric of rich origin, but closer inspection reveals it is unnaturally dark. It also projects constant shadows upon the wearers face. Attunement requires a night spent away from all light, out in the open. This is no easy task near cities or farms or during nights with a moon.

Once attuned, the cloak grants the wearer advantage on Stealth checks and Intimidation checks.

Magic Item The Shaed of Shadows is a magic item that functions as a cape of the mountebank, cloak of displacement, cloak of invisibility, ring of mind shielding, robe of eyes, and a gem of seeing.

Enveloping Dusk. While attuned to the Shaed of Shadows, you gain the ability to subtly control the shadows around you. You can, as a bonus action, lower the level of ambient lighting in a 60-foot radius centered on you. Areas of bright light are reduced to dim light, and areas of dim light are reduced to darkness. The lighting remains this way until you revert the change as a bonus action or leave the darkened area. This lighting is considered magical, meaning darkvision cannot see through it. You may also use the hide action as a bonus action on your turn.

Rejuvenation. While attuned to the Robes of the Fallen, it acts as a phylactery. If you are destroyed, you gain a new body in 1d10 days, regaining all your hit points and become active again. Your new body appears wearing these robes. If a creature attempt to attune to these robes while your body is rejuvenating, their soul can be absorbed into the robes to sustain you. The target must make a successful Charisma saving throw against your spell DC. On a failed save, they are absorbed into the robes and have 24 hours to be freed or nothing short of divine intervention can bring them back to life. On a successful save, they cannot regain hit points by magical means for 1d10 days. If this feature is used to bring you back to life, it cannot be used again for 1d12 months.

Ancient Dark Power. While attuned to the Shaed of Shadows, you gain the following benefits:

  • Your spells cannot be countered or dispelled as long as you maintain concentration.
  • You have advantage on death saving throws.
  • You have resistancd to necrotic damage and poison damage, and immunity to the poisoned condition.

Permanent Spells. While attuned to the Shaed of Shadows, the following spells are always in effect unless you choose them not to be: arcane sight, darkvision, displacement, pass without trace, and undetectable alignment.
Destroying the The Shaed of Shadows. The Shaed of Shadows can only be destroyed if the wearer reads from the Book of Exalted Deeds, and destroys the page detailing this cloak in the Book of Vile Darkness.

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