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The Pipes of Fionnghall[edit]

Musical Instrument (Bagpipes), artifact (Requires attunement by a Dwarf)

An old Highland Dwarf tale...

Listen well laddie, for I'm about to tell ye of Fionnghall, our great hero. Fionnghall Macintyre, there was a Highland Dwarf if ever there was one. Brash, he was, and loud; louder than the thunder and the blazing hoofbeats of a thousand raiders.

Aye, that was a Dwarf!

It was during the battle of Levenhill. The Orcs were pressing hard on the Highlanders. Their brute of a general, Krush, was advancing his armies onto our lands like the plague. It was slaughter.

Fionnghall couldn't stand the killing of his comrades but he was a simple bard and while he could use an axe, a single weapon wasn't going to stop the cursed Orcs and their cruel general.

And then it happened. Fionnghall heard the whisper of the Bearded One, our great war god Hanseath.

"Hear me." he whispered "Release my roar."

Fionnghall dropped his axe and picked up his pipes and let loose a mighty blast. The sound tore threw the armies, inspiring our soldiers with the vigor of the Bearded One, and sent out enemies fleeing over each other hacking and slashing their way through their own ranks. In the din, it was none other than Fionnghall who put the axe through Krush's thick skull, winning us the battle.

After the battle was won Fionnghall took the mighty instrument of our victory, and set it on a pyre, to return it to Hanseath. And there it'll remain until we have need of it again.''

Properties of the Pipes of Fionnghall:

The Long Dirge: You cast Confusion spell from the pipes, as long as you are proficient in playing the Bagpipes. Your allies are immune to the spell. You can't use this property again till next dawn.

Ballad of War: You cast the Fear spell from the pipes , as long as you are proficient in playing the Bagpipes. Your allies are immune to the spell. You can't use this property again till next dawn.

March of the Brave: You cast the Mass Cure Wounds spell from the pipes , as long as you are proficient in playing the Bagpipes. You can't use this property again for 3 days.

Git yer hans aff ay me!: Whenever a non-dwarf attempts to hold the pipes, they are hit with a strong gust of wind from the pipes. If they fail a Strength check they are pushed 15 feet away from the pipes. This occurred every turn the creature tries to hold onto the pipes, and only stops when the creature lets go.

Sentience: The Pipes of Fionnghall is a sentient Chaotic Neutral musical instrument with an Intelligence of 11, Wisdom of 16 and Charisma 12. It is proficient in Intimidation. It has hearing and darkvision out to a range of 60 feet.

The weapon speaks through nearby characters, briefly controlling their speech to yell insults, laugh loudly and generally bulldoze its point of view, all in a thick Highland Dwarven accent, which makes many of its "talks" virtually incomprehensible.

The pipes has a deep hatred of Orcs and will try to have its wielder and in extension, his or her party to fight Orcs whenever they can, no matter the cost.
Random Properties. The The Pipes of Fionnghall has the following random properties:

  • 2 minor beneficial properties
  • 1 minor detrimental property

Destroying the The Pipes of Fionnghall. How to destroy it? Why would ye want to destroy it ye divit? Well I suppose if yer curious...

The Pipes of Fionnghall can be destroyed by traditional means however, this just causes the item to return to the hands of the Dwarven deity Hanseath. To completely destroy the artifact, the pipes must be struck by the Mace of Gruumsh, the God of Orcs, at which point it will burst and never play another tune again.


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