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Your "patron" is Kingdom Hearts, the heart of all worlds. It keeps the planes in balance and is a source of powerful positive energy. Kingdom Hearts is kept in balance by Keyblade Wielders, but since your power is drawn from Kingdom Hearts in a less controlled way it can manifest as many things; A telepathic famailiar, a Keyblade, Key Armour or a different form.

Extended Spell List[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Expanded Spells[edit]

Spell Level Spells
1st healing word, jump
2nd arcane lock, knock
3rd fireball, call lightning
4th ice storm, staggering smite
5th greater restoration, mass cure wounds

Aspect of the Key[edit]

At 1st level, you can choose a Pact Boon. This boon changes dependent on your choice:

Pact of the Blade[edit]

When you summon a weapon, you can summon your Keyblade instead. Your Keyblade can deal Bludgeoning, Piercing or Slashing damage or 1 other damage type that you choose now. You choose the damage type it deals (Bludgeoning, Piercing, Slashing or the other type you chose) when you summon it. Your Keyblade deals 2d6 damage and has the Soulbound and Two-Handed properties. You can use it as your Arcane Focus. You are proficient with it.

Pact of the Aegis[edit]

Your AC is 8 + your proficiency bonus + your charisma modifier + your Dexterity Modifier while you wear the armour, and it counts as light armour.

Pact of the Tome[edit]

The number of spell slots you have increases by 1 while you have your Book of Shadows.

Pact of the Chain[edit]

Your familiar can speak telepathically with any creature within 120 feet of it, and it knows the Vicious Mockery Cantrip, which it can cast as an action without instruction from you. The damage of Vicious Mockery uses your level and Spellcasting Abilities to calculate.

Pact of the Mantle[edit]

The range of your Mantle becomes 30 feet, and you can target up to 6 creatures other than yourself.

Pact of the Shroud[edit]

You are resistant to one damage type of your choice while you wear your shroud. You choose a number of damage types equal to your charisma modifier÷1.5 that you can choose from each time when you Summon your Shroud. If your Charisma modifier increases by the appropriate amount, you can choose another damage type to choose from when summoning your Shroud.

Pact of the Wand[edit]

When you finish a long rest, roll a d20 on the table that corresponds to the level of your spell slots. You know the resulting spell until you finish your next long rest, and you can cast it once without expending a spell slot. These spells are not from the Warlock spell list, but they nevertheless count as Warlock spells for you.

1st-level spell slots[edit]

1: entangle
2: faerie fire
3: chromatic orb
4: alarm
5: grease
6: shield
7: goodberry
8: silent image
9: cure wounds
10: detect poison and disease
11: burning hands
12: mage armor
13: bless
14: bane
15: dissonant whispers
16: guiding bolt
17: wreath of life
18: sanctuary
19: detect magic
20: compelled duel

2nd-level spell slots[edit]

1: alter self
2: levitate
3: web
4: blur
5: continual flame
6: darkvision
7: enlarge/reduce
8: flaming sphere
9: radiative shield
10: see invisibility
11: flame blade
12: barkskin
13: enhance weapon
14: heat metal
15: gust of wind
16: pass without trace
17: zone of truth
18: magic weapon
19: scorching ray
20: spike growth

3rd-level spell slots[edit]

1: wind wall
2: plant growth
3: daylight
4: nondetection
5: animate dead
6: sleet storm
7: stinking clound
8: meld into stone
9: phantom steed
10: bestow curse
11: conjure animals
12: wind walk
13: spirit guardians
14: tongues
15: mass healing word
16: beacon of hope
17: major image
18: aura of vitality
19: magic circle
20: blink

4th-level spell slots[edit]

1: polymorph
2: arcane eye
3: confusion
4: greater invisibility
5: fire shield
6: wall of fire
7: phantasmal killer
8: stone shape
9: grasping vine
10: giant insect
11: stoneskin
12: dominate beast
13: guardian of faith
14: control water
15: divination
16: compulsion
17: hallucinatory terrain
18: locate creature
19: freedom of movement
20: conjure minor elementals

5th-level spell slots[edit]

1: mass cure wounds
2: cone of cold
3: creation
4: awaken
5: wall of stone
6: wall of force
7: destructive wave
8: bigby's hand
9: legend lore
10: insect plague
11: tree stride
12: commune with nature
13: hallow
14: commune
15: flame strike
16: geas
17: animate objects
18: mislead
19: modify memory
20: legend lore

Command Styles[edit]

Starting at 6th level, you can infuse yourself with the power of Kingdom Hearts to enter one of three Command Styles for 1 Minute as a bonus action. Command Styles are sorted into threes by the Pact Boon you took. You must finish a long rest before using a Command Style again.

Pact of the Blade[edit]

Fever Pitch

+10 movement speed, bonus action to dash or make a weapon attack.

Critical Impact

+4 to damage rolls, crit on 19/20.


As an action, you can make 2 weapon attacks against an enemy within 80 feet of you. Your Keyblade has the Reach property.

Pact of the Aegis[edit]

Blade Aura

Enemies within 10 feet of you take 1d6 force damage at the start of each of their turns, when an enemy hits you with a melee weapon attack they take 1d8 force damage.


Your AC increases by 4.


You gain a +6 bonus to saving throws against magic.

Pact of The Tome[edit]

Diamond Dust

You can cast Ray of Frost twice as an action. Also, you are resistant to Cold damage.


You can cast Firebolt twice as an action. Also, you are resistant to Fire damage.


You can cast Lightning Orb twice as an action. Also, you are resistant to Lightning damage.

Pact of the Chain[edit]

Soul Crash

You and other allies within 20 feet of your familiar have advantage on attack rolls.

Dual Blitz

When your familiar makes a melee attack against an enemy within 40 feet of you, you can teleport to a space within 5 feet of them and make a melee weapon attack against that same enemy as a reaction.

Warp Blade

Your familar can teleport up to 30 feet before it makes an attack. If it does, you can also do so on your next turn. Both of you gain a +1 to AC, attack and damage rolls.

Pact of the Mantle[edit]

Radiant Mantle

You and allies within 30 feet of you have their current and maximum HP increased by 5 * your Charisma modifier when you activate this effect.

Abjurant Aura

You and Allies within 30 feet of you can add your Charisma modifier - 2 (minimum 1) to their AC.

Mantle of Rage

You and allies within 30 feet of you can add your Charisma modifier to their damage rolls.

Pact of the Shroud[edit]


Enemies have disadvantage on attack rolls against you and you can loose a single Magic Missile (1, not 3) as a bonus action on your turn.


You gain a flying speed equal to your walking speed, and you gain a +2 to attack rolls. You float downwards gently if incapacitated.


Your AC increases by 2 and whenever an enemy misses you with an attack you can fire off a magic missile (1, not 3) at them. Also, you are under the effects of the Evasion feature.

Pact of the Wand[edit]


You can cast a cantrip each turn as a bonus action. Also, you can choose 1 cantrip each time you activate this Command Style and you know it until your Command Style ends. When you activate this Command Style you regain a spell slot.


You have Truesight to a range of 60 feet. Also, your spell save DC increases by 2, and you add double your proficiency bonus to Perception checks.


You can cast two spells or cantrips in one action. Also, your movement speed increases by 20.

Improved Command Styles[edit]

Starting at 12th level, You regain the ability to enter a Command Style when you finish a short rest.


At level 18, you learn three amazing finishing attacks (one for each command style you know) that can be used as a more flashy way to end a Command Style. Finish Commands are listed by Pact Boon and Command Style. You must finish a long rest before using a Finish again. When you activate Finish, the Command style you are in ends. You must be in the corresponding Command Style to activate a specific Finish.

Pact of the Blade[edit]

Fever Pitch
Spark Raid:

Make a spell attack roll against an enemy within 120 feet of you. On a hit, they take 12d12 Radiant damage and up to 8 enemies within 160 feet of them must make Dexterity saves or take 3d12 Radiant damage, or half as much on a failed save.

Critical Impact
Ars Arcarnum:

Make up to 4 Keyblade attacks against enemies within 10 feet of you. On a hit, you deal 10d12 damage.


Choose an enemy within 10 feet of you. They take damage equal to your Keyblade's, and must make a Dexterity save or take 35d12 damage (of your Keyblade's type) as keyblades rain down on them.

Pact of the Aegis[edit]

Blade Aura
Energy Burst:

You summon a ball of energy and send it flying along the ground. Enemies within a 20×120 ft. Line must make Dexterity saving throws or take 30d12 Force damage or damage of your Keyblade's type. They take half as much damage on a successful save.

Energy Drain:

Enemies within 20 feet of you must make a Wisdom saving throw or have their AC decreased by 10 for 1 minute. If any of them fail, all allies within 40 feet of you, including you, gain 10 AC for 1 minute.

Arcane Restore:

Allies within 300 feet of you each regain spell slots of a total level equal to your Charisma modifier+2.

Pact of the Tome[edit]

Diamond Dust
Focus Freeze:

An enemy within 15 feet of you must make a Constitution saving throw against your spell save DC or take 20d12 Cold damage and be petrified for 1 Minute, or half as much damage and no petrification on a success. It can repeat the saving throw at the start of each of it's turns, taking 2d10 Cold damage on a failure, and ending the effect on itself on a success.

Meteor Swarm:

You cast Meteor Swarm.

Storm of Vengeance:

You cast Storm of Vengeance.

Pact of the Chain[edit]

Soul Crash
Wall of Souls:

You or your familiar casts Prismatic Wall.

Dual Blitz

You duplicate yourself. For 1 minute, there is a clone of you that has all it's spell slots and it's Mystic Arcarnum, and can cast any spells you know. It has the same HP as your HP maximum. Also, it has statistics identical to your own, including the effects of magic items or beneficial spells. If you regain HP, so does it.

Warp Blade

For 1 Minute, you can teleport up to 80 feet once on your turn, no action required. Enemies have disadvantage on attack rolls against you.

Pact of the Mantle[edit]

Radiant Mantle

You cast Mass Heal.

Abjurant Aura

You and up to 6 others of your choice within 60 feet of you become resistant to all damage for 1 Minute.

Mantle of Rage
Soul Ward:

You and up to 6 others within 60 feet of you gain temporary HP equal to your level × your Charisma modifier. This lasts for 1 minute.

Pact of the Shroud[edit]

Arcane Burst:

You unleash a number of Magic Missiles equal to your Charisma score + your proficiency bonus.


You gain a flying speed of 120 feet for 1 minute, and enemies have disadvantage on attack rolls against you for that time. You can use a bonus action to make a weapon attack during that time.

Spacial Gateway:

You cast Gate.

Pact of the Wand[edit]


You cast True Polymorph.

Shooting Star:

You cast Wish.

Arcane Overload:

You cast Power Word Kill.

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