The Golden Shovel (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (mace), Artifact

This solid gold tool can be used for hitting people. But its true worth lies in the ability to make its user rich. Only one of these was ever made by the god of wealth and granted to a miner who told the truth about having lost his pickaxe. Word got out about its power, and it has passed several hands since. People have killed for possession of this enchanted shovel that grants wealth beyond one's wildest dreams. Even the original miner was not able to enjoy his new wealth, as his son allegedly killed him in his sleep and stole the shovel.

Gold Digger. You can spend an hour using this tool to dig on any nonmagical patch of dirt or soil. Roll 10d100. At the end of the hour, a number of gold pieces equal to the number you rolled appears in the hole you dug.

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