The Bangle of Disintegration (5e Equipment)

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{{5e Magic Item

name= The Bangle Of Disintegration type= Wondrous Item subtype= Bangle rarity= Legendary attunement=Requires Attunement description= "Talos, The Great God of Destruction, in a fit Of unexplained rage, slew down an entire mountain settlement, causing thousands Of homes and people to crumble away into nothing. After his rage left him, he was only filled with grief. The Great and Powerful God took all his rage and put it into his iron wrist ordainment he was wearing, then discarding it to the land below the gods domain, casting it to the creatures to whom he had wronged..."

The Bangle Of Disintegration Is an ornamental item appears to be the uncommon item Opal Iron Bangle of Attack, with two opals embedded into both sides of this ornamental item. A creature who has not touched this item can cast identity to learn of its true nature. This item will always change its shape to make sure its a perfect fit for anyone who would pick it up. When donned and attuned onto a creature, they have a +3 to all melee attack roles. (the DM's Discretion --->) If you land a critical hit, add an additional 2d6 radiant damage.

Wearing The Bangle: Once donned by a creature, they must make a DC 16 con saving throw for the Bangle's Curse. If the creature passes, they are unaffected by the curse but must make another DC 15 con save the following morning. If they pass the first saving throw, they can attempt to unattune with the item by making a DC 15 wisdom saving throw or by casting the remove curse spell.

Destructive Will: If the creature fails, they are cursed and the item fuses into the wearer's flesh leaving behind the two opals on both sides of the wrist as well as writing that wraps all the way around the wrist, beginning and ending from both gems. It is written in Dwarvish that translates to "In the Name of The Great God of Destruction Talos, You art thou now bound to this ordainment for eternity" , and they are now cursed with the following affect: depending on the wrist worn on, whenever the user touches a non-living object, the said object will Disintegrate on the spot. (And if the DM Chooses) If someone other then the donned creature casts mending on the destroyed item within 5 mins, the item can be restored. The cursed creature can have the curse removed by having a creature other than itself cast greater restoration or a better spell on them, the Bangle will unmeld from the creatures flesh, making it a standard bracelet. If the creature dies while bound to this item, the item will unmeld with the dead creatures flesh in an attempt to find a new host.

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