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Wondrous item, Legendary (Requires Attunement by a creature with an Intelligence greater than 15)

This item appears to be a feather of indeterminate size and color. Looking at it for too long causes the user to feel a sense of vertigo, and forced observance seems to elicit directionless whispers.

The Listening Band. This magical feather has a ribbon tightly wound around the shaft. Drawing this ribbon and placing it within a time or around a scroll (provided that such is not magically sealed) allows the user to hear the words written in the subjected item spoken in their mind, in a voice of their choosing. Maps and imagery depicted on the materials of the subject item are described unerringly to the listener. This allows the user to read times during travel time, meals, or otherwise occupied down time, so long as the user does not require the use of their hearing. This does not negate language barriers, and the user hears the written text in the language it is written in. Code read by the Auditor’s Plume is not translated, but dictated in a manner that is accurate, but no more enlightening than speaking the text aloud to the best of a very intelligent reader’s ability. Any attempts to learn new information not contained within the subject item while listening are ineffective, attacks made while listening are made with a penalty of the DM’s discretion (based on the subject matter of the time or scroll, and how distracting it may be to the Auditor), and any attempts to recall information, ponder a situation, solve puzzles, or deal with other demanding situations are made at disadvantage if the DM seems it applicable.

The Auditor’s Recolection. Any information instructed by the Auditor’s Plume can be recalled by the user for as long as they remain attuned to it, including information heard through the item while the listener sleeps, thought the information learned in this way arises only when relevant and without explanation. As soon as the item becomes unattuned with the user, the information slips away, barring an Intelligemce Saving Throw equal to 5 x the number of tomes, scrolls, or bodies of information being retained.

The Eavesdropper’s Plague. When the ribbon is not within a book, bound around a scroll, or similarly bound to a readable item, and the user has the item behind their ear, they hear the whispering of the thoughts all creatures around them with an intelligence over 3. Language barriers are not solved through this, thought creatures without a spoken language project thoughts and feelings or images which are described by a whisper in a language spoken by the user.

The Listener’s Madness. When the user remains attuned to the item constantly, and hears information from a number of items greater than their Intelligence score, they begin to mutter constantly, reciting bits of the knowledge they have gained at random. The user can control this for up to an hour if they succeed in a DC 15 Wisdom Saving Throw. After they make this saving throw, they cannot do so again for an hour. Each successive failure on this save causes the user to increase the volume of their mutterings slightly, but a single save allows them to return to a mumbling and restart the process.

The Sage’s Bounty. When attuned to the item, the user may tuck the ribbon into a blank book, and they may recite the information from a body of knowledge learned through the Auditor’s Plume, and it will be magical transcribed, without need for a quill, though any nearby, unattended quill will act as though it is controlled to write within the blank book. If the user is under the effects of The Listener’s Madness, then a DC 15 Intelligence (History , Arcana, or Religion) check will allow the user to manually transcribe the information of a random time learned through the item by a previous user. A DC 20 check will allow the user to select a subject or field of general knowledge to pick a tome from, and a Specific book, provided the user knows the title of the book they’re searching for.


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