The 9 Islands Of The Living Land (5e Campaign Setting)

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The 9 Islands Of The Living Land[edit]

Lands filled with peace and harmony for the citizens, but their leaders are concerned by the mysteries they've uncovered. The White Shade pirates are becoming more aggressive as the years go on, their raids terrorize coastal villages with little resistance, returning home to their own land of scoundrels. The mysteries of each island attract curious adventurers wanting to make a fortune. The seas are calm, but once every year for an entire month, the waters become cursed, krakens and dragon turtles rise from the trenches and attack any poor ship that was too slow to make it to shore.

The 9 Islands are filled with mysteries, and swashbuckling adventures.

For Players

A way to root your character into the 9 islands.
  • New Subclasses (9 Islands Of The Living Land Supplement)
Circle Of Waves,a druid that serves the deep sea.
Oath Of Piracy, paladins that swore their oath to the White Shade pirates.
Sword Sorcery, a sorcerer that had a bloodline going back to the ancient mages.

For Dungeon Masters

From greater krakens to awakened bubbles, sea dragons to dragon whales, the Bestiary contains statblocks and lore about new monsters.
The page is alphabetically arrange and by rarity.
The legendary items of days gone by.

The 9 Islands

Where the people of the 9 Islands live, work, die, and fight.
The organizations that rule over the settlements of the 9 Isladns.
The deities worshiped and feared by the people of the 9 Islands.
The story about the 9 Islands and how they came to be.
The 8 planes where everything exists.
A way to mark the time for the setting.

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