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Thaeron Combat Rifle[edit]

Exotic Ranged Weapons[edit]


Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Combat Rifle +3 1d20 15/40 *Priceless 7.5lb Rifle High Critical, Selective Weapon, *Load Free

Overview (Ranged)[edit]

The Thaeron Combat Rifle is an exceptionally exotic piece of military hardware fielded by Thaeron forces as the standard issue weapon system. Notable for its massive size, appropriate for its owners and operators, the Combat Rifle is astoundingly lightweight despite this and owes such a trait to its unique foreign alloys, however these synthetic materials the weapon is constructed from are incapable of known explanation. Whatever the weapon itself may be forged from, it is certainly a substance designed solely for this purpose.

Due to its nature as a standardized all-purpose weapon for the Thaeron, the weapon operates with the use of an internal forging process which produces its artificial projectiles; the magazine fitting into the weapon, sitting forward of the pistol styled grip are not conventional magazines, but instead large energy containment units. Indexing into the Combat Rifle, they provide the power needed to drive its functions, namely the production and firing of its projectiles; the forge itself, within the weapon's dull matte frame, produces a Carbon-like construct upon receiving a trigger pull. Accelerating the super heated object at incredible speeds using the explosive generation of the very same round, the projectile hurls itself through the air, glowing brightly as it begins to travel down range and cool mid-flight. The remains of this reaction, a small, equally super heated disc, is ejected from the large action that sits atop the forge; the thin metal wafer rapidly cools to a crumbling ash over time, ultimately disintegrating entirely, which is equally true for the projectile itself over a significantly longer period, albeit.

The projectile is observed as a glowing white spike-like object that ultimately fades to a dull matte black; the incredible heat emitting from the round allows for exceptional armor piercing capability for a majority of its flight, but upon traveling a tremendous distance, the only danger the round presents is its conical warhead; the impact of the cooled munition is not unlike a standard projectile, albeit on a much larger scale.

Like all Thaeron technology, the Combat Rifle was created with a characteristic biological locking mechanism; the weapon, even without the magazine's battery supply, can differentiate between its wielders. Those who are not specifically coded by a Thaeron operator to handle the weapon will find themselves with a very large and surprisingly light rifle-esque paperweight; completely useless, short of being used as an improvised melee weapon, the Combat Rifle will refuse to function, even if a magazine is inserted.

These traits in mind, the Combat Rifle was specifically designed by the Thaeron to act as a general purpose weapon, and exhibits a semi-automatic (each trigger pull fires a single shot) configuration, along with standard hard optics. While the optics projection of the weapon is fitted to the railing atop the exterior of the forge, it is not a conventional sight enhancement device like those commonly sported on the more familiar human manufactured firearm; using a lens to observe the environment before it, the device projects a limited image back to its wielder on the surface facing the operator. While comparatively small, the extreme detail present in the projection acts in a manner much like standardized optics.

While the batteries, or magazines, of the weapon are possibly infinite (given ample time to regenerate themselves) they are, in practice, exceptionally finite. A single Combat Rifle magazine retains enough charge to fire 20 shots before depleting and needing time to replenish itself; additionally, it cannot accomplish this feat while actively in the magazine well of the weapon, as the forge remains charged when the magazine is seated. Removing the magazine from the weapon will deactivate the weapons functions, including its firing capability, optics, albeit it will not disarm defensive mechanisms.

Other unique traits related to this weapon is the ability to alter the projectile's properties; the exact means this is accomplished is not wholly understood, but observation indicates that the replacement mechanisms inserted into the forge directly (when the protective cowling is manually locked forward) are the result. The adjustments take place once the forge's action is returned to the rear ready to fire state; it has been observed that the modifications capable range from seemingly corrosive munitions to fragmenting munitions; it is reasoned these alterations take place due to chemical changes in the projectile's make up.


High Critical[edit]

A High Critical Weapon deals more damage when a critical hit is scored. A Critical hit on a High Crit weapon deals the Maximum weapon damage possible. Along with a bonus of;

  • Heroic Tier Bonus: 1[W] + 1d6
  • Paragon Tier Bonus: 2[W] + 2d6
  • Epic Tier Bonus: 3[W] + 3d6
Load Free[edit]

Every 20 shots a Combat Rifle must be reloaded, and the magazine ejected from the weapon (regardless of elected removal before 20 shots or after 20 shots fired) must have a minimum window of 5 turns to regenerate. Loading the weapon with a magazine counts as a Minor Action; loading the weapon with a spent magazine (one which has not had 5 turns to regenerate) also counts as a Minor Action.

Selective Weapon[edit]

Any creature (player or otherwise) must be specifically trained to operate this weapon; Thaeron naturally have the ability to operate this weapon without specialized training. Those without training in this weapon, specifically for it, cannot make use of its ranged capabilities and may only treat it as an Improvised Melee Weapon (see below).

Improvised Melee Weapons[edit]


Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Combat Rifle (Melee) +1 1d10 - *Priceless 7.5lb Mace Defensive Weapon, Brutal 1

Overview (Melee)[edit]

While the Combat Rifle's primary function is kept in its namesake, that of "rifle", it is an exceptionally effective melee weapon in the hands of any Thaeron warrior; while considered an "improvised" weapon, the Combat Rifle's melee capabilities do not lie its weight, but instead its scale and extreme durability. A strike from the weapon, delivered by the hands of a Thaeron combatant, has bone crushing capability against light and medium armored targets, and the force it can be swung with due to its light weight can add concussive results. Additionally, owing to its size and strength, the weapon makes for an excellent defensive tool, able to block and fend off attacks far more effectively than simple unarmed combat.

Conventional bladed weapons are liable to shatter on the weapon on direct contact, and other offensive tools such as a mace or axe are in danger of instead becoming tangled with the exterior, allowing for a swift and expedient retribution from the wielder. Seeing as the Conclave's worshipers wield any weapon at hand, many Thaeron Combat Rifles exhibit external scarring and superficial damage from numerous engagements across much of their surface; some of the rifles themselves are far older than their operators, harkening back several hundred years, bearing the scars of the fierce melee combat and conditions they endure.


Defensive Weapon[edit]

While this weapon is equipped in both hands, the wielder receives a +2 AC bonus.

Brutal 1[edit]

Damage rolls of 1 (on 1d10) with this weapon are rerolled; the minimum damage dealt by a melee strike is 2.

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