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How To Use The Stat Block Template

For NPC/Creature entries, the following is the general layout to format Stat Blocks. The following does not contain a complete list of parameters, just the ones that are required.

{{d20M Stat Block
|name= |cr=
|size= |type=
|listen= |spot=
|def= |touch= |flat=
|hp= |hd= |mas=
|fort= |ref= |will=
|bab= |grp=
|str= |dex= |con= |int= |wis= |cha=

The following includes every parameter. Not all parameters are required, and unused parameters can be deleted.

{{d20M Stat Block
|name= |cr=
|sex= |race= 
|class1= |level1= |cltal1=
|class2= |level2= |cltal2=
|class3= |level3= |cltal3=
|class4= |level4= |cltal4=
|class5= |level5= |cltal5=
|class6= |level6= |cltal6=
|class7= |level7= |cltal7=
|class8= |level8= |cltal8=
|class9= |level9= |cltal9=
|class10= |level10= |cltal10=
|size= |type=
|occ= |occben=
|init= |rep=
|sens= |listen= |spot=
|def= |touch= |flat= |defmods=
|hp= |hd= |othhp=
|sr= |pr= |resist=
|fort= |ref= |will= |othsav=
|spd= |burrow= |climb= |fly= |swim= |othspd=
|space= |reach=
|bab= |grp=
|slad= |plad=
|freq1= |freq2= |freqX=
|slaXXX= |plaXXX=
|str= |dex= |con= |int= |wis= |cha=
|san1= |sad1=
|san2= |sad2=
|san3= |sad3=
|san4= |sad4=
|sanX= |sadX=

Definition of Parameters

Parameter Description Required Example
style Specifies the values of the table's style attribute No width: 100px; border: solid; margin-left: 1em;
Identification and Encounter
Parameter Description Required Example
name An identifier for the creature such as a name or a short description of the creature Yes Jack
Powerful Necromancer
cr The creature's challenge rating Yes (defaults to —) 1/2
sex The creature's gender. This will only show up if a value is supplied for race or class1 No Male
race The creature's race. No human
class1-class10 The names of the creatures classes No fast hero
level1-level10 The number of levels in each class the creature has. This is a required field for each class. No 3
occ No The creature's occupation Military
al The creature's allegiances No (defaults to —) God, Family, Country (United States)
size The creature's size Yes Medium
type The creature's type (and subtypes when applicable) Yes humanoid
init The creature's initiative modifier Yes +3
rep No The creature's reputation modifer +9
sens Any special senses the creature has No darkvision 60 ft., tremorsense 120 ft.
listen Total modifier for the creature's Listen checks Yes −2
spot Total modifier for the creature's Spot checks Yes +4
aura Any auras the creature has that affects enemies or allies No courage (10 ft., allies +4 against fear)
lang Any languages or special means of communication the creature has. Include R/W for reading/writing proficiency, and S for speaking proficiency No English (R/W/S), Spanish (S), German (R/W)
Defensive Information
Parameter Description Required Example
def The creature's defense score Yes 18
touch The creature's touch defense Yes 13
flat The creature's flat-footed defense Yes 17
othdef racial traits, class features, feats, and other special abilities that affect (or can affect under the right circumstances) the creature's defense. No Dodge, uncanny dodge
defmods creature's defense modifiers No +2 shield, +6 armor, −1 size, +3 class
miss Miss chance for attacks or effects targeting the creature No 50% incorporeal
hp creature's hit points Yes 45
hd Number of hit die Yes 6d8
othhp Special abilities that affect how much damage the creature takes from physical attacks and hit point recovery No DR 6/—, fast healing 3
mas Massive Damage save No (defaults to Con) 13
immune Immunities the creature has No sleep, fire, death effects
resist Special abilities that aid the creature in avoiding, and/or reducing certain effects except spell and power resistances (which go under the sr and pr parameters) No acid resistance 5, mettle, improved evasion
sr The creature's spell resistance No 13
pr The creature's power resistance No 17
fort Fortitude save modifier Yes +4 (+5 against poison)
ref Reflex save modifier Yes +0
will Will save modifier Yes −3 (−1 against enchantment)
othsav Conditional modifiers the creature gets on all saves. Modifiers that are tied to a specific save are specified in parenthesis with the relevant parameter. See fort, ref, and will above. No +2 against fire and acid
weak Any weaknesses the creature has No vulnerability to cold
Offensive Information
Parameter Description Required Example
spd The creature's base land speed Yes 40 ft. (8 squares) in chainmail, base speed 60 ft.
burrow The creature's burrow speed No 15 ft.
climb The creature's climb speed No 20 ft.
fly The creature's fly speed and maneuverability No 100 ft. (poor)
swim The creature's swim speed No 30 ft.
othspd Feats and abilities that can affect the creature's speed or movement options No Run, Spring Attack
melee1–melee4 The creature's typical preferred melee attack routines No claw +16/+11 (1d4+9 slashing/19–20) and bite +13 (1d4+3 piercing)
ranged1–ranged4 The creature's typical preferred ranged attack routines No Benelli M121 shotgun +8 (3d8 ballistic/20) with Double Tap
Benelli M121 shotgun +11 (2d8+1 ballistic/20) with Point Blank Shot
space The amount of space the creature occupies No (Defaults to 5 ft.) 10 ft.
reach The creature's natural reach No (Defaults to 5 ft.) 15 ft.
bab The creature's base attack bonus Yes +3
grp The creature's grapple check modifier Yes +10
atkop Attack options that can creature can use during a full or standard attack No Advanced firearms proficiency, burst fire, close combat shot
ap Number of remaining action points No 20
sa Special actions the creature may take instead of (or in addition to in the case of free, swift, and immediate actions) making attacks. No exploit weakness, charm
cg Combat gear; items that the creature may use during combat No S&W M29 with speed loader and 30 extra rounds, combat knife
pp Number of power points the creature has in a day No 65
prgrsns Ability progressions, such as spells, powers, invocations, utterances, etc. See below. No See below
slad Details that apply to many (if not all) of the creature's spells-like abilities No CL 6th, 1d20+10 to overcome SR
plad Details that apply to many (if not all) of the creature's psi-like abilities No ML 3rd
freq1–freq20 How often the creature can use this group of spell- or psi-like abilities. Currently supports up to 20 different frequencies (see below) No 3/day (see below)
sla(freq) Spell-like abilities the creature can use at this frequency

These lists should only contain spell-like abilities that mimic specific spells. If the ability is unique in that it doesn't mimic any existing spell it should be listed under special actions (sa). This also applies to spell-like abilities that do mimic existing spells but require their own descriptions because the mimicry is not exact.

No darkness, invisibility
pla(freq) Psi-like abilities the creature can use at this frequency

These lists should only contain psi-like abilities that mimic specific powers. If the ability is unique in that it doesn't mimic any existing power it should be listed under special actions (sa). This also applies to psi-like abilities that do mimic existing powers but require their own descriptions because the mimicry is not exact.

No stomp (DC 13)
Other Information
Parameter Description Required Example
str Strength Yes (defaults to —) 15
dex Dexterity Yes (defaults to —) 14
con Constitution Yes (defaults to —) 13
int Intelligence Yes (defaults to —) 12
wis Wisdom Yes (defaults to —) 10
cha Charisma Yes (defaults to —) 8
sq Any special qualities the creature has that hasn't already been listed in the previous sections

Generally speaking, these abilities do not require an action and either have little value (if any) in combat, or any effects they provide have already been taken into account in the previous sections without the name of the ability being explicitly listed.

No orc blood, trapfinding
feats Complete list of feats including ones already listed in other sections No Power Attack, Combat Reflexes, Spell Penetration
cltal1-cltal10 List of talents by class, including talents mentioned elsewhere. See also class1-10 and level1-10. No (defaults to —) Improved Speed I, Linguist
occben List of benefits granted by creature's occupation No Bluff, Knowledge (streetwise), Archaic Weapons Proficiency
skills List of skills that have ranks and skills that can be used untrained for which the creature has modifiers beyond ability score and size modifiers (i.e. racial bonus/penalties, synergy bonuses, competence, etc.) including Listen and Spot if applicable. No Hide +14, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +6, Knowledge (nature) +4, Knowledge (religion) +1, Listen +10, Move Silently +19, Search +2, Spot +10, Survival +9 (+11 underground)
hdadv Details of the creature's advancement by HD. This is only displayed if the race parameter has not been set. No 6–18 HD (Large)
poss Items of note that the creature has that haven't already been listed under combat gear (cg) (including wealth bonus) No Leather jacket, driver's license, Wealth +14
grims Creature's grimoires (e.g. spellbooks or prayerbooks) in which its spells are written. See below. No See below
deity The creature's patron deity if it has one No Allah
Special Abilities Descriptions
Parameter Description Required Example
san1, san2, san3... sanX Special ability name No Saurial Communication
sad1, sad2, sad3... sadX Special ability description No A saurial's normal speaking voice is too high pitched for humanoids to hear, but they give off different scents based on their mood. Dragons, creatures with the dragonblood subtype, and fey can hear saurials perfectly, and they generally understand the scent cues whether or not they can understand the language. Saurials can understand other creatures that speak any language they know without problem, and can learn to speak within humanoid hearing range by devoting skill points.

Explanation of (freq)

This template supports spell-like abilities and psi-like abilities of up to twenty different frequencies freq1 through freq20. Once you use freqX to specify how often a spell-/psi-like ability or group of spell-/psi-like abilities can be used, sla(freq) and pla(freq) are used list the abilities by replacing (freq) with what value you used for freqX.

For example, the following is used to list 6th-level paladin's spell-like abilities, detect evil and remove disease (note that special mount is not listed because it does not duplicate an existing spell):

|freq1=At will
|slaAt will=''detect evil''

|sla1/week=''remove disease''

The bold text must match exactly.

Notes on the parameters prgrsns and grims


The prgrsns parameter takes a template(s) to specify a creature's spellcasting, manifesting, invoking, uttering, etc. abilities. Templates are currently available for the following (more can be added as needed):

So to specify a mage's prepared spells, the spells prepared template would be used like so:

  Stat Block 2/Spells Prepared
  |pd=CL 4th
  |sp1=''charm person'' (DC 14), ''magic missile'', ''true strike''
  |sp2=''knock'' ×2, ''see invisibility''

If the mage also has levels in acolyte, the prgrsns parameter might look like the following:

  Stat Block 2/Spells Prepared
  |pd=CL 4th
  |sp1=''charm person'' (DC 14), ''magic missile'', ''true strike''
  |sp2=''knock'' ×2, ''see invisibility''
  Stat Block 2/Spells Prepared
  |pd=CL 1st
  |sp1=''produce flame'' (+3 ranged touch)

Note the addition of the cls property. It's not required, but it is recommended that it be used when a reader might not be able to tell which progression applies to which class.


The grims parameter is for creatures that keep their spells (or the equivalent) written in a grimiore (e.g. a spellbook for wizards or a prayerbook for archivists). Templates are currently available for the following:

So to specify what spells are in the mages's spellbook (other than the spells prepared), the following is used:

  Stat Block 2/Spells Recorded
  |sp1=''identify'', ''endure elements'', ''hold portal''
  |sp2=''daze monster'', ''darkness''
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