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Wondrous item, very rare

At a glance, this appears to be a normal teapot.
A closer inspection reveals it to be covered in strange glyphs, including the number "4" inscribed on one side. It weighs 10 pounds, and rather than an ordinary spout, a snake's head protrudes from the pot.

A piece of equipment (e.g. a weapon or suit of armor) may be placed into the teapot. Even large suits of armor will magically warp to fit inside.
Once something is inside the teapot, the snake's head will become animated. If a piece of magical equipment is brought near the head of the snake, its mouth will unhinge wide enough for the equipment to fit inside.

To use the teapot, an item must be put in the pot, and then another item must be fed to the snake. Finally, a fire must be lit underneath the teapot for the duration of a long rest. At the end of the rest, roll a d6 and follow the chart below.

d6 Effect
1 The snake fails to upgrade the item. It spits both of them out, both covered in ash.
When this happens, the number engraved on the pot decreases by 1.
2−5 The item devoured by the snake is destroyed. The other item is upgraded, and the snake spits it out.
6 The item is upgraded, and the snake spits out both items.

An upgraded item has the magical properties of both original items. If they both have a +1/+2/+3 bonus, the higher bonus will be applied. If they both have the same bonus, the bonus of the upgraded item is increased by 1.

Some items are unable to be combined; perhaps an item has reached the maximum power it can achieve. If this is the case, the snake may not accept the item or may immediately spit it out.

If the number on the pot decreases to zero, the pot loses all magical properties and becomes a normal teapot.


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