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Tarot Specialization [Special]

Diligent study allows you to master a tarot card and forgo its use as a focus
Prerequisite: Tarot Mage 1st, INT 15+
Benefit: The tarot mage has studied the images and significance of a particular card with such dedication that they are burned into his brain. The tarot mage can now cast one of the spells that requires the card, without having to use it as a focus. This feat may be taken repeatedly to master different cards, or for the same card to develop the different spells associated with it. There are some restrictions: the tarot mage can only use this for a card that he has in his possession, and this can only be used to specialize with minor arcana.
Special: The tarot mage cannot use the Silent Spell feat in conjunction with this specialization. For a given spell, the tarot mage must use at least one of its components.

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