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Could you possible rename the article, me and Sam Kay are trying to keep our joint project all together and have been using the (race name), Variant as the nanme for our setting races. Tiefling is one of the onese where doing...ShadowyFigure 14:25, 28 April 2009 (MDT)


+2 will defense or you mean wisdom? -2 charisma is like the old 3rd ed teiflings, 4e doesn't use penalties. Also -2 charisma makes it a bad race for the classes you have listed as being their favored classes. Teifling isn't a language but you might consider abyssal if you want them to have a demon influenced language. Considering them as immortal is a bit off since even devils aren't immortal. having resist fire and bonus to saves against fire seems a bit like overkill, i'd probably drop the bonus to saves.

According to the "Disclaimer" this was intentionally built broken/unbalanced. So while I agree with your suggestions the author has decided to go against the grain and post this as is. I would say that if I ever considered using this race myself I would definatly balance it along the lines you brought up. BTW, Devils in 4e are "Immortal Humanoids". -- Sepsis 06:23, 7 May 2009 (MDT)

Hello. Just edited the Tiefling racial stats a bit to bring them in line with the 3.5E ones. Switched the +2 Will (Wisdom) ability bonus for +2 Intelligence and added +2 Dex, but left the -2 Cha. Changed the mentions of Will (Wisdom) as appropriate as well and changed up the Skill Bonuses from +2 Intimidate and +2 Perception to +2 Bluff and +2 Stealth. Switched around the starting languages as well to the 4E equivilant and tweaked the resistances from Immortal Roots to disclude Fire and replace it with the 4E equivilant of Electricity and Cold. It was of my opinion that, honestly, the race was made of suck in its then current form and needed a bit of tweaking. If you do not agree with these tweaks and alterations, then you have the information here to change the sheet back as you see fit. 3:26 2/07/2010



Would you mind giving some backstory to your third adventurer before he or she (I don't remember what it is. Actually, did you even tell what its gender was?) met up with the others? Thanks. --Axl 22:38, 4 November 2011 (MDT)
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