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Fiendish Tieflings[edit]

Race: Tiefling

  • Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity; +2 Constitution or +2 Intelligence
  • Languages: Supernal instead of "choice of one other"
  • Born of Devils: Your race is the offspring of devils, so you are considered an immortal for the purpose of effects that relate to creature origin.
  • Bloodhunt replaced with Immortal Roots: You gain a +1 racial bonus to Fortitude defense, and a +2 racial bonus to saving throws against cold and lightning ongoing damage.
  • Infernal Wrath power replaced with Flames of Baator power.

Flames of Baator Tiefling Racial Power
His eyes burning with unnatural light, the Tiefling unleashed the flames of Baator from his hand, annihilating the Orc in a hurricane of infernal fire.
Encounter Star.gif Divine
Free Action Personal
Trigger: You attack an enemy within 5 squares of you.
Target: The enemy you attack.
Effect: The target takes 1d6 + Dexterity or Constitution modifier fire damage.

Tieflings are the children of Fiendish and mortal parents, and are often cast out of their families, forced to hunt on their own and to fight for survival every day from an early age. Tieflings are bitter towards mortal society, hating it, and thus often live in their own enclaves on the Dusk Isles or begin to worship dark gods in their hatred towards mortal society.

Play a Tiefling if you want...

  • To be a member of an old and ancient race.
  • To be the offspring of fiends.
  • To be a member of a race that favours the bleak disciple assassin, iron soul monk, war wizard and harrier battlemind classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Most Tieflings are almost indistinguishable from humans, while some have fangs, a whiff of brimstone, horns, or even tails or wings.

Playing a Tiefling[edit]

Tieflings find little comfort in mortal societies, preferring to live amongst their own kind. To further this, Tieflings have their own enclaves in major cities, separating themselves from the mortals that they hate by building high walls around their districts. For their part, mortals find Tieflings disturbing, and it is the rare (and most seemingly normal) Tieflings that live in mortal cities in their own lands, while the most mutated Tieflings live in their enclaves.

Tiefling Characteristics:' Cunning, Dishonorable, Intelligent, Courageous.

Male Names: Astaroth, Moloch, Nergal, Abaddon, Legion.

Female Names: Lilitel, Jezebel, Babel, Azrael.

Tiefling Adventurers[edit]

Three sample tiefling adventurers are described below.

Astaroth is a Tiefling warlock, driven to his call by astral whispers in his dreams. He finally struck his pact so that he could hear the messages clearly and not be plagued by them and the fear of madness. Astaroth strives to do good around him, but is constantly haunted by his dreams and fears, and is known to gaze at the stars muttering about ancient words in the sky and hidden doorways.

Azrael is a Tiefling rogue, and is known for her great skill in backstabbing and poisons. She is reknowned in her enclave, but wishes to explore the wider world.

Moloch is a Tiefling sorcerer, who wanders the land, doing good with Astaroth and Azrael.

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