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Is Night Fury like Bloody Mary?--Redrum 13:38, 2 March 2019 (MST)

No, not really. I just figured that would be dramatic and creepy. I was going for the traumatized guy rocking in the feetal position who repeats himself because he’s traumatized.—-Dinomaster337 (talk)

This is looking real good!! Just gotta finish up those attacks, passive Perception, and CR. Me and my famoly watched HtTYD 1 & 2 last Friday, and then went to the theaters to see Hidden World, which was just absolutley brilliant. One thing I would like to say however, I don't think in the movies that the night furies were 26 feet long. Toothless was probably as long as twice or thrice Hiccup's height, so maybe somewhere between 12 and 18 feet long? --Cosmos (talk) 13:16, 4 March 2019 (MST)

Cool! Glad to see you enjoyed them! I’m not sure where you got that he’s twice or thrice as long as Hiccup, not because you’re wrong, but because I don’t remember ever seeing them side by side, at least none where Toothless was at an angle that would be easy to measure, so I’m not sure if that’s exact or a wild guess. I’m going mostly based off the wiki, since I don’t know of any other good source of information I have easy access to (if there’s a book or something, I probably can’t afford it).Dinomaster337 (talk) 4 March 2019 (MST)
Ah yes, I just looked at the wiki, and they're probably right :P. --Cosmos (talk) 05:16, 5 March 2019 (MST)
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