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as for all of the changes and messages i've seen i want to address them. the page is as i want i am going to change some things in the coming days as i have time to attend to it. parry is as i have on the page, it requires a dex save against the attack roll (ex. 18 or 23 to hit you requires an 18 or 23 to parry it otherwise fails). As for the Dancer's Will bonus actions will not count towards the gain of Dancer's Will. As for the Final Archetype Choices they are not all gained as it is a choice, if you get all it could be seen as being too powerful but i am revamping most of what is on this page because i really care about this class.


hey, a couple of issues with this class: - You shouldn't gain a 2nd extra attack at 9th level. 2nd extra attack is a tier level upgrade, with means it should be given when the power level of the game overall increases (5th, 11th, 17th and 20th levels). Giving it at 9th level is giving to much power to early and it totally outshines the fighter. The same goes for the 3rd extra attack at 16th level.

- You have some features to compressed in levels you already gain some feature, while you still have dead levels. You could give some feature at 11th and 15th level, who are empty.

- You have a unlimited resource, Dancer's Will, who recharges at every successful attack. This generates a problem in balancing some features, but the greatest problem is that it basically gives you unlimited healing at 3rd level, with "Calm Before the Storm". If you want a recharge system for the dancer's will points, you could take a look at the system used for the Mathew Mercer's Gunslinger, who recharges "grit" points on a successful critical hit, for example. And, if that's the case, you should give less Dancer's Will points, and make it recharge only while in combat.

- This class is probably made without the intention of making subclasses, but subclasses are a good way of expanding this concept, and it is fun for the players to have some way of being more unique.

Anastacio (talk) 13:55, 25 August 2020 (MDT)

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