Tainted Amulet of Restoration (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous item, Rare (requires attunement)

A ruby held by a fine silver chain, this amulet possesses powerful healing qualities, but is cursed.

Whilst attuned and equipped, you may add extra die to the amount by which you heal creatures. The extra die increase as you gain levels:

  • Lvl 1 - 1d4
  • Lvl 5 - 1d6
  • Lvl 10 - 1d8
  • Lvl 15 - 1d10
  • Lvl 18 - 1d12

Whenever you use a healing spell, the DM must roll a d20. On a roll of 4 or lower, the spell goes wrong. All hit points that would normally be restored without the amulet are lost, and the extra die added by the amulet is converted into necrotic damage, dealt to the target.

The amulet plays with your mind, resulting in you refusing to take off the amulet. If anyone attempts to remove it from you, you will protest this to the best of your ability.

Unbeknownst to you, all of the amulets magical effects can be suppressed for up to 1 minute using Dispel Magic, DC 18, which you will also protest. During this time, its magical hold over your mind will cease though depending how you feel, you may still deem it to be more help than hindrance.

The amulet

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