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This variant rule is inspired by Smash Brothers. It can be used to conduct an arena-style battle in which the normal process of combat has been altered by magic or the physical laws of an alternate plane of existence.

Creatures in a Super Smash Brothers combat have a percent meter that begins at 0-percent. When a creature takes damage, instead of reducing its hit points, its percent meter increases by the same amount. After the meter increases, the creature is pushed away from the source of the damage by 5 feet for every 5-percent in the meter.

Any effect that would normally restore hit points instead decreases the creature's percent meter by the same value. Temporary hit points function as normal: a creature's percent meter does not increase until it loses all its temporary hit points.

When a creature's percent meter is equal to or greater than a value of 100 + their maximum hit points, they are subjected to the loosing condition of the arena. Possibilities include any combination of:

  • Falling unconscious
  • Being teleported to another location (such as a holding cell)
  • Dying in a beam of rainbow light.

In some conditions a short or long rest be permitted within an arena battle. A creature's percent meter is reduced to 0-percent at the end of a rest.

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