Sun Blade, Variant (5e Equipment)

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Design Note: This magic weapon is a variant of the sun blade magic item from the 5th edition System Reference Document.

Weapon (any sword), uncommon (+0), rare (+1), very rare (+2), or legendary (+3)

This item appears to be a sword hilt. While grasping the hilt, you can use a bonus action to cause a blade of pure radiance to spring into existence, or make the blade disappear. While the blade exists, this magic sword has the finesse property.
You gain a bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this weapon dependent on the weapon's rarity. This weapon deals radiant damage instead of slashing or piercing damage. When you hit an undead with it, that target takes an extra 1d8 radiant damage.
The sword's luminous blade emits bright light in a 15‑foot radius and dim light for an additional 15 feet. The light is sunlight. While the blade persists, you can use an action to expand or reduce its radius of bright and dim light by 5 feet each, to a maximum of 30 feet each or a minimum of 10 feet each.

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