Storm God's Greataxe (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (battleaxe), legendary (requires attunement by a cleric)

Strength must be an 18 or higher to wield. A durable but considerably rusted greataxe. It once was as blue as the sea, but now rusted away with a deep crimson color with specs of blue left. On top of the axe is a black orb if you look into it it's almost like looking into the abyss. It exudes arcana magic. This weapon can be used as an axe or a staff or both. When wielding this weapon you feel the power of the storms of the ocean run through you. You now have a flying speed of 30ft and are now immune to thunder damage and resistant to cold and lightning damage. On a melee weapon attack with this weapon, it has +5 to hit and does 2d12 magical slashing damage and +2 cold damage with a +1 force damage. A hit causes a lightning effect. The enemy must make a constitution saving throw of DC 15 or become stunned for 1 minute. Any spell cast with this weapon has a +2 damage to any spells damage die.

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