Storm Dragon Bow (5e Equipment)

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Bow (Any Bow), Very Rare (Requires Attunement From A Ranger)

This is a bow forged from the bones and scales of an ancient blue dragon.

This bow has a total of 15 charges.

A charge can be gained by gaining the killing blow on a creature that is hostile towards you or your allies.

1 charge can be spent to give the user a second action that round.

2 charges can be spent to create a piece of magical ammunition which allows the user to know the locations of all the creatures within 30ft of where the arrow lands.

When a piece of non-magical ammunition is fired 10 charges can be used to change the ammunition into a 15ft by 300ft line with the appearance of two spiralling blue dragons dealing 12d6 lightning damage.

If a charge would be gained in the same turn as a charge has been used the bow does not gain a charge.

There is a 1 minute recharge needed on each feature of the bow before it can be used again.

If all charges are used there is a 10 percent chance of the bow disintegrating.

Storm Dragon Bow

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