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Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This round stone is imbued with protective magic. While it is on the user's person and they are subjected to an attack or effect that deals damage, the damage is instead dealt to the stone. Attacks or effects that deal psychic damage bypass this property.

While being worn or carried, the stone has 12 hit points, a damage threshold of 3, and resistance to all damage types except force. As long as it still has hit points remaining, casting the mending cantrip upon it will restore 6 hit points to the stone. If the stone is reduced to zero hit points, it shatters, becoming inert and non-magical. Any leftover damage does not carry over to the user.

If the stone is targeted by or takes damage dealt by the disintegrate spell, it is immediately destroyed.

Design Note: Damage Threshold, from DMG pg. 247.

An object with a damage threshold has immunity to all damage unless it takes an amount of damage from a single attack or effect equal to or greater than its damage threshold, in which case it takes damage as normal. Any damage that fails to meet or exceed the object's damage threshold is considered superficial and doesn't reduce the object's hit points.

Any resistances are applied before the damage threshold.

Patented Design. The artificer wizard who realized the simplicity of imbuing common riverstones for the affordable protection of the common people was a genius. However, he was also lazy and disrupted the status quo. Magic organizations, very unhappy with the dissemination of magic items into the lives of the common people, forced the wizard to patent the design, meaning only he could imbue and produce the stones by law. As such, despite their ease of production, they are relatively expensive and hard to come by. However, if you happen to meet the man who created them, a wizard by the name of Fitzgeralts, you can expect a generous discount.

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