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Potion, uncommon

The flask can be thrown as an improvised weapon. If it hits, it sticks to a creature that is hit with the flask. An Intelligence (Investigation) check (DC 10) by the targeted creature is required to notice the location of the flask. The creature mistakes it for a regular flask unless the creature makes a DC 10 Intelligence (Arcana) check. The one who threw the flask can activate the bomb with a click of their fingers; the creature hit and any creatures within 5ft around it take 4d6 force damage and are knocked back up to 5 feet.
The liquid is a dark blue black colour and the container has straps surrounding it, with patterns all over it.

Ingredients: If different sticky substances and magic are used change the stats accordingly

- Sticky Substance created by creature; E.g. Spider webs

- Arcane Magic

- Prickled Substance created by plant; E.g. Cactus Needles

- Saliva


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