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Steel and Ash[edit]

The world has become broken. Factions vie for power over cities, countries, and even the entire world. Divine magic, arcane magic, and technology are locked in a struggle for dominance over the new age of the world. The development of new technologies, fueled by the discovery of Zenar, a material that can harness arcane magic, has led to new ways of warfare. Countries compete for the control of valuable resources. One shift in power in this pivotal time could change the course of the world forever.

Steel and Ash is a neo-noir campaign setting. It combines the rise of technology, the power of magic, and the competition for control all into one place. It takes place on the continent of Kyrellia, a world where the Weave is as tangible as the air. Magic weaves (pun intended) throughout the landscape, stronger in some places rather than others. Even the technology of this world channels arcane magic into their technology through Zenar. Because of this, and the fact that Zenar can only be reliably found in two places, Zenar has become one of the most valued resources of the modern day. Countries compete for Zenar mines and trading rights for it. Meanwhile, divine magic struggles to stay alive. Ever since the gods disappeared 2,000 years ago, religion has slowly began to fade away. Since then, priests of the gods have been fighting to preserve their religion, to no avail.

Campaign Setting Information[edit]

Players Guide


World of Steel and Ash

Dungeon Master's Guide

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