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Spore Launcher[edit]

The friendly Spore Launcher
Size Small
Critical 19-20
Range Increment 60ft
Type Outsider (living weapon)
Purchase DC N/A
Restriction See Text
Damage 5d6
Rate of Fire S
Magazine See Text
Weight 30lbs

Spore Launcher[edit]

The Spore Launcher is actually a living creature that can be used as an improvised weapon. The Spore Launcher can only be used as an improvised weapon, regardless of training, feats, or skills that may pertain to this weapon. This means that when using this weapon, the player must follow the rules listed for Improvised Weapons.

The first time a player tries to use a the Spore Launcher, he or she must make a Handle Animal check to decide how it reacts. The player must make a skill check even if he is not trained in this skill. Use the following table to determine the outcome of the check.

-10 Spore Launcher kills itself and deals 5d6 damage to the user. Ref 12/ half damage
0 Spore Launcher does not work. Refuses food. Duration 10 days.
10 Spore Launcher works normally.
20 Spore Launcher bonds with the user, granting an attack bonus of +2 while using it. This also negates the improvised weapon penalty.

The primary attack of the Spore Launcher is to launch an explosive spore at it's effective range. The explosion deals full damage to any target directly hit, and half damage to all creatures within 10 ft.

The secondary attack of the Spore Launcher is to launch an explosive spore at half it's effective range. This spore then bounces around at random angles. The spore bounces 10 ft each time until it bounces 5 times or collides with a living creature. Upon hitting a wall or other blocking geometry, the GM must decide how the spore bounces and at what angle. This is left entirely up to the GM, as there are no set rules on ricochet mechanics.

A Spore Launcher can be fed up to 5 spores. These spores are digested by the Spore Launcher at a rate of 1 per hour. Once a spore is digested, it is gone forever. By firing the Spore Launcher, you cause it to gag and "throw up" the spore. This means that after shooting a spore, you must feed the Spore Launcher another spore, effectively "reloading".

A spore. Otherwise known as "ammo"

The Spore Launcher, being a living creature, can move on it's own accord. The Spore Launcher can move at a speed of 30ft, but only when submerged in water. When on land, the Spore Launcher can wiggle around at a speed of 5ft.

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