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(Spider Silk Gloves)

Martial Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
(Spider Silk Gloves) 500 gp 1d6 slashing 1 lb. Light, Finesse, Loading, Glove, Special, Thrown (10/15)

When you buy these gloves, they come as a pair, and can be used for Two-Weapon Fighting. After activating the gloves with a pulse of your inner energy, an incredibly thin wire spools out of the fingers in your glove. This wire reacts to the inner energies of the bearer, allowing manipulation with very little movement. Due to the cost of the materials and the skill required to make them, these gloves are incredibly expensive. On the bright side, they're incredibly comfortable, and breathe so well it's almost like they're not even there.


Whether you attack at melee range or use the "Thrown" property, note the following:

1: You are just spooling out the wire enough to attack at that range. After the attack, the wire takes time to retract. The time it takes to retract is why this weapon cannot be used for consecutive attacks with the Extra Attack feature, for example.

2: Because you're repeatedly reusing the same wires, this weapon takes no ammunition, and isn't lost when thrown.

Special: Wire Mastery

As you level, your skill with these gloves improves. At level's 5, 11, and 17 you can control an additional wire with the same attack. Once you control more than one wire, when you take an attack action, you roll an attack for each wire. Note that while you have a glove on each hand, you cannot attack as if this weapon gives you two-weapon fighting, and they can only be used to attack while both of your hands are free.

Special: Deterrent

While you have them active, these gloves constantly surround you with wires that cut anything they touch. This serves to impede your opponent's attacks, cutting arms, hands, legs, and even projectiles if the opponent strikes without the utmost care and precision. While you wear a glove on each hand and both your hands are free, you gain a +2 bonus to AC. If you enchant these gloves with a +1 or similar bonus, you can choose at the beginning of your turn to forgo that bonus to attack and damage rolls to add that to the AC bonus of these gloves.

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